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Society Determinants


Society name  Taltheran
Location  In the fertile Tal river valley on the Northwest of Midsea, central Qaiyore
Languages  Taltherani (a variant of Therani) is the primary language; but many folk are bi- or multi-lingual, speaking the pidgin Trade Talk and languages of trading partners, such as Cedonese or Ibalan [Celpalar].
Size  Small:  population 200,000; landarea 50,000 sq. mi.
Philosophical orientation 
Primary orientation: conquest (trade)
  acquisition of wealth
  tradition/conviction of trading pre-eminence
Secondary orientation: survival
  preservation of power
Subsistence Wilderness%10 Small - most land is farmed
Wasteland %10 Small
Yield% 120 Good
Urban% 5 Normal


Ruling agency  Hereditary King  (currently Agrigax son of Madrogax of House Milarandos, Defender of Taltheran, Keeper of the Balance, &c.)
Key elements  o  Merchants' Council (and occasionally specific ascendant Major Family[ies]) 
o  Wizards' Guild
o  Tirmarin populous
Internal politics 
King Agrigax:      
  Consent          Fair 
  Influence        Fair 
  Authority        Good
Merchants' Council: includes Great Families, such as the Chalings
  Consent          Fair 
  Influence        Good 
  Authority        Mediocre
Wizards' Guild:      
  Consent          Terrible 
  Influence        Great 
  Authority        Good
Tirmarin Populous
External politics 
Relations details

Capability and culture

Military organization  Standing professional forces; some militia; some mercenary
Military values 
Royal armies 
  Force (Great)      Great  (well trained)
  Size (Small)       Small (recently replenished by the King)

Merchant Family House Forces (aggregated)
  Force (Fair)       Mediocre  (training varies)
  Size (Mediocre)    Mediocre  (but rarely consolidated)
Economic system  The Taltheran gold coin, the Talplar, is widely recognized as a dependable currency. Other coins in circulation include: 
  1 Talplar = 6 Artalpinar (a bulky silver coin, intermittently minted)
  1 Artalpinar = 4 silver Talpin (a lighter silver coin, with a hole in the middle)
  1 Talpin = 6 coppers (your basic copper penny)
  1 copper = 2 halves = 4 raleyn (copper; sometimes literally cut-up coppers)
Transactions within Taltheran are legally obligated to use Taltheran currency if currency changes hands. 
Notwithstanding the above, the Taltherani use barter extensively, and love a good haggle.

One of the regular duties of the Wizards Guild historically has been to cast enchantments on newly
minted coins to prevent wear, shaving, or other debasing of the coinage (including resistance to
other enchantments), and also allowing identification of legitimate coins (because they shimmer in
a characteristic way when immersed in water). The spells involved, refined through long practice and
research, are quite potent. This, coupled with good quality control in the royal mint, yields coins
which are more dependable than other, more mundane, currencies. This has been a cornerstone of
Taltherani trading policy for as long as anyone can remember.
Economic values 
Craft (Poor)            Poor
Resources (Good)        Good
Exploitation (Fair)     Fair
Trade (Good)            Good
Wealth (Fair)           Fair

Taltheran is self-sustaining agriculturally; indeed, some products are produced to excess and exported, such as olives, wine, dried herbs, citrus fruits, and various fish products.  Wood for building is brought from the southern hills; stone is relatively difficult to acquire.  For the rest, Taltherani tend to put high value on leveraging cultures' achievements, and prefer to import rather than create.

             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion          Good       Fair      Fair       Mediocre 
Arts              Good       Fair      Good          Great 
Scholastics       Fair    Mediocre     Mediocre      Fair 
Magic             Good       Poor      Poor          Great

Religion is practiced, but lacks conviction.  Most good art is imported, and tends to be the purview of the wealthy (which is to say, the Major Families).  Scholastics is neither encouraged nor suppressed; the nature of Taltheran society is such that folk tend to be a bit more worldly than elsewhere, however.  Magic is the sole purview of the Wizards Guild; others practicing do so on pain of death.  Foreign magicians must register with the guild and refrain from spellcasting except by permission.