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Actions in the Game Year 1413

Society Name: Taltheran

In 1411 and 1412, the Taltheran Merchants' Council continued to improve and extend the new trade route to the north west via Sarunor. Sarunor is now a bustling town, and substantial trade was flowing via this route from the Hria, the Hisorian Empire, and (most recently) from the Saraan (with whom the Taltherani have established Good Realations and a solid trading relationship). Or at least, the trade route *was* bustling until recent events rendered Myr-Kun less suitable as a trade nexus. :-/
Meanwhile, the King has been kept busy restoring order in the newly acquired lands of north Tirmir. Things seem to be settling down now, though.
The Wizards' Guild has also been kept busy, trying to get to the root of various magical machinations occuring throughout Qaiyore...

I. Merchants' Council

After a number of years of suffering from their depradations, the time has finally come to deal a blow against the arrogant pirates of Kaeir. The King has mustered the eager support of the Merchants' Council, who will contribute provisions, ships, sailors, soldiers, and logistical support.

Action 1: Support action 2-3
Nature: Tactical
Determinant: Influence (Good +1)
Merchant Family House Forces (Force Fair, Size Mediocre)
Difficulty: Normal
Qualifiers: + Motivated! The pirates have been a long-time, costly, problem
Secrecy: Maximum (in-game).
Reactions: +++ Substantial bonus to Action 2-3
( ) Nominal bonus
--- Oops! No bonus or penalty

Results: +1 +1 + (-1 +1 +1 -1) +2 Complete Success

Suggestion: +1 to Action 2-3


II. The King

Things in Tirmar are finally somewhat settled, and the King can now turn his attention to an old, thorny problem: the Kaeiren pirates.

In previous turns, he received substantial useful intelligence about their weaknesses; now it's time to put that information to use. He quietly enlists the aid of all major players (see actions 1 and 4), and also the Ka'Shari [if they're still around? Taltheran had very good relations before they went NPS], who are excellent maritime warriors.

The primary goal is to substantially impair Kaeir's maritime and warmaking abilities. A secondary goal would be to depose the leadership.

In brief, the strategy will entail attacking during the Kaeiren midsummer festival -- the only time other than during severe winter weather when almost all the fleet is in harbor. The first strike will be small contingents of the Royal Guard, with mages along to provide stealth & secrecy. These squads will sabotage the great mechanism which protects the harbormouth from unwelcome ships, and additionally attempt to disable such projectile weapons as may be established to protect from sea attack.

Following the sabotage, a strong maritime force will enter the (hopefully unprotected) harbor by sea, and will use magefire to attack the Kaeiren ships at anchor.

A third force, of Royal Guard, will meanwhile have landed some distance away and will march to attack the landward side of the city, attempting to time their arrival for after the alarm has been raised in the harbor, with the expectation that the conbination of festival and unexpected sea attack will leave the landgate lightly defended.

Actions 2-3: Attack the Kaeiren Pirates!
Nature: External Tactical
Determinant: Royal Authority (Good +1)
Royal Guard (Force Great, Size Small)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Qualifiers: -- Kaeir is well defended
+ Kaeir is complacent, having been uncontested for years
++ Ka-Shari aid
+2 Strategic plan (from turn 10, Action 5)
+ Double action
+ Support from Merchants' Council (Action 1)
+ Support from Wizards' Guild (Action 4)
Secrecy: Maximum (in-game) until done.
Reactions: +++ Kaeir capitulates (bonus to Taltheran prestige)
( ) Kaeir power impaired
--- Attack fails


Results: +1 +6 + (-1 +1 0 0)=+7 Legendary Success!!!!!

Suggestion: Wow! In a daring move, using the route revealed previously, the Royal Guard lands in Kaeir uncontested. The navy then moves in and burns the pirate ships, which were still docked. The pirates, caught completely off guard, are unable to even put up a fight. The only Taltherani casulties come at the hands of a mage who was staying in the mayor's palace. A Mirish mage...

III. The Wizards' Guild
The King has gathered the support of the Wizards' Guild in the assault on Kaeir. The Guild will support various tactical actions, and will also provide magical weaponry.

Action 4: Support action 2-3
Nature: Tactical External
Determinant: Magic Sophistication (Great +2)
Difficulty: Normal
Qualifiers: - Other matters may distract to the Guild's attention
Secrecy: Maximum (in-game).
Reactions: +++ Substantial bonus to Action 2-3
( ) Nominal bonus
--- Oops! No bonus or penalty


Result: +2 + (+1 +1 0 -1) = +3 Suoerior Success

Suggestion: +1 to Action 2-3.