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Actions in Game Year 1409

Society Name: Taltheran

I. The Merchants' Council

Efforts continue to develop a trade route via Sarunar to Myr-Kun to the north-west. This year the first goods should begin flowing, and the settlement at Sarunar should have some fields under cultivation.  The Taltherani traders will also attempt to encounter and develop relationships with traders from other cultures encountered in the Myr-Kun area (such as the black-sailed ship noted last visit).

Action 1: Develop Trade Route to the North-West
Nature: External Strategic (Trade) (THIRD of five years)
Determinant: Trade (Good, +1)
Difficulty: Normal (0)
Qualifiers: + Recconaissance in hand
+ No prior occupants in Sarunar, reasonably hospitable
reception in Myr-Kun in 1406
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + Major boost to Trade
( ) Minor boost to Trade, with potential for future
--- Damage to Trade reputation and/or infrastructure/loss of opportunities in north-west


Result so far: +1 -0 +1 +1 + (0 0 -1 +1) + (+1 -1 0 +1) + (0 –1 +1 0) + ( ) +( )

Going very well so far, in spite of an Olozog raid this year ;) …….


Action 2: Develop contacts with other cultures from Myr-Kun

Nature: External Tactical (Trade) (supportive of Action 1)
Determinant: Trade (Good, +1)
Difficulty: Easy (+1)
Qualifiers: - Myr-Kun obstructionism
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + Significant boost to Action 1
( ) Marginal boost to Action 1
--- Penalty to Action 1


Result: +1 +1 –1 + (0 0 0 +1) = +2 Complete Success!

Suggestion: The trade delegation manage to persuade the Myr-Kun residents to allow them to communicate with the black traders from the sleek-looking schooners which visit the settlement on occasion. It turns out the traders are from a realm to the north of the land of the Bedu (the Shadowlands?) called Hria. Curiously, a number of the Hria are able to converse in Trade Talk (apologising for their pronunciation profusely, citing their only having learnt of the pidgin tongue in the last couple of years) much to the bemusement of the Chaling-hired interpreter. However, astoundingly, they have heard of the land of ‘the Taltheri’ and are pleased at making their acquaintance. They are interested to hear of the trade route that is being set up via Sarunar (though they are ignorant of that place) and invite the delegation to visit their capital to speak with their Sangha. They ask if the Taltheri will be setting up a trading station on the Maripai Sea…..


II. The King

The stream of Tirmarin refugees fleeing Cedonian raids continues to flow into Saltrim. Accordingly:


To Empress Yzara, ruler of Cedonia, servant of Lucia, greetings and salutations!

It has come to our attention that certain of your forces have been harrassing the independent principality of Tirmarin, sending innocent citizens into exile from their homes and livelihoods. Many of these refugees are presently being accommodated near our southern city of Saltrim.

We strongly encourage your highness to reign in the wayward troops causing this upheaval. The disruption is pointless and, moreover, troubling to Taltheran security To assist you in this endeavor, we are directing certain elements of our Royal Guard to aid the citizens of Tirmarin in establishing such protections and infrastructures as may assist them in rebuilding their society. We are confident you will agree that both our nations are best served by a peaceful, productive Tirmarin society, and look forward to your support.


Agrigax son of Madrogax of House Milarandos, Defender of Taltheran, Keeper of the Balance, &c.


This message is sent in the care of a seasoned diplomat.


Action 3: Request Cedonian Dis-involvement in Tirmarin

Nature: External Tactical
Determinant: Relations with Cedonia (Mediocre; -1)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Qualifiers: - Cedonian arrogance/history
+ Cedonia has military issues elsewhere
+ Cedonia has little to gain (short term) in Tirmarin, and may not (presently) wish overt confrontation with Taltheran
+ Hand-picked diplomat
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + Cedonia leaves Tirmarin alone
( ) Cedonia asks concessions/relations shaky
--- Cedonia steps up aggression/relations sour further


Result: -1 –1 +2 + (-1 0 –1 0) = -2 Complete Failure.

To Agrigax, son of Madrogax of House Milandros, Defender of Our County of Teltaram, Keeper of the Balance, &c.

We were dismayed at the lack of response to Our missive of Our Year 1406. We believe Our offer of the expansion of Our County of Teltaram to include Our provinces of Sarunar, Tirmar and Morval and promotion to status of Duchy within Our glorious Empire in exchange for your re-affirmation of Teltaram’s incorporation within Our Empire was generous in the extreme.

Instead of acknowledging Our munificent proposal you now, three years later, dare to threaten Our glorious person in defence of the wretched Tirmarin. The re-inclusion of Our County of Tirmar into Our Imperial fold is a matter of course, as is the re-occupation of all Our Counties gone astray at the time of the goblin incursion. We have noticed that Teltaram no longer pays its required dues to Our Empire. This concerns Us gravely, as We have long considered the County to be loyal to Our realm.

We thus present a new offer to Our erstwhile Teltaram subjects. In exchange for non-interference from Teltaram’s worthy military, Our County of Tirmar will be divided – the southern portion, encompassing the ancient city of Talishara and it’s coastal environs, will be included into Our County of Selaria. The central and northern portions, including the grand inland trade city of Zayura & the port-capital city of Tirmar will be handed to the Counts of Teltaram in perpetuity. In addition, Our Counties of Morval and Sarunor will become legal possessions of Teltaram.

In addition, we formally acknowledge the devolution of Teltaram from Our Empire as a self-ruling entity, without Our Imperial borders.

In exchange, our requirements are fourfold:

Firstly, Our loyal brother, Agrigax, will ensure the stability of Our Imperial northern border.

Secondly, Our loyal brother will refrain from interfering in Our re-incorporation of the southern portion of Our County of Tirmar and will refuse to harbour elements disloyal to Our Imperial wishes.

Thirdly, Our loyal brother will proffer any required assistance as needed when Our military re-incorporate the Counties of Kajir, East Torphan & Haidor. Our loyal brother will re-affirm Teltaram’s allegiance to the Empire as a self-ruling entity and will join Us in a non-aggression pact and military alliance to preserve and further Our common borders.

Finally, any commerce concerning martial ware with the worthless Orasareni Defence Alliance will cease immediately. [We have noted the miserable ODA’s antipathy towards Teltaram and thus presume your compliance.]

Failure to comply will result in Our renowned powerful military from re-occupying the County of Teltaram and re-incorporating you within the Empire as a subordinate entity.

The Eternal
The Empire, Servant of Lucia, Holder of the Key of Thalcedon, Guardian of the Midsea, Shield of Qaiyore, Inheritor of the Wisdom of the Ancients, Jewel of Vizinia, Bastion of the Selari Dominion, Light of the Maripai Sea, Preserver of Freedom, Custodian of Orasaren, Protector of Peace, Sentinel of Mien &c.


Action 4: Send Royal Guard into northern & central Tirmarin

Nature: External Tactical
Determinant: Royal Guard Force (Great, +2)
Difficulty: Average (0)
Qualifiers: +/- Results of Action 2
+ Tirmarin needs help
+ Royal Guard training specifically focused on duty distant from home
- The Royal Guard is an excellent fighting force, but not much in the way of civilian administration
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + Tirmarin happy/Cedonia nonplussed
( ) Tirmarin nonplussed/Cedonia unhappy
--- Tirmarin unhappy/Cedonia angry


Result: +2 –0 +2 + (-1 +1 +1 0) = +5 Extraordinary Success!

Suggestion: Taltherani Guards occupy the northern and central portions of Tirmar, including the ruins of the port of Tirmar, which has been almost razed by pirate raids in the years following the withdrawal of Cedonian protection, and the remnants of the city of Zayura, destroyed by the Ice Demons and now not much more than a pile of rubble with a scattering of human habitation in the devastated buildings. Outlying villages are not much better off – the incoming refugees from the southern part of the province adding an un-needed burden on the poverty-stricken inhabitants. It seems that Tirmar suffered much more than Taltheran during the goblin invasion. The Tirmarin people are outraged at having been abandoned by the Cedonians – anti-Imperial sentiment is rife. The recent Cedonian forays into southern Tirmar have only added to the negative feelings.

The Tirmarin welcome the Taltherani as saviours and protectors and immediately swear fealty to Taltheran. There are calls for the Taltherani to attack Cedonian soldiers in southern Tirmarin territory. The ruins of Zayura are the scene of spontaneous rallies proclaiming the virtues of Agrigax. The re-building of the port city of Tirmar under Taltherani protection begins apace, with villagers from outlying districts and refugees from Saltrim returning to their old capital in droves, rejoicing in the merits of the righteous King Agrigax son of Madrogax of House Milarandos, Defender of Taltheran, Champion of Tirmar, Keeper of the Balance, &c.

Agrigax’s popularity increases, with consent raised to Good permanently.


To Agrigax, son of Madrogax of House Milandros, Defender of Teltaram, Keeper of the Balance, &c.

Further to Our recent communiqué, it pleases Us that Teltaram has taken possession of northern Tirmar and appears to agree to Our terms.

We await confirmation of Teltaram’s intentions.

The Eternal
The Empire, Servant of Lucia, Holder of the Key of Thalcedon, Guardian of the Midsea, Shield of Qaiyore, Inheritor of the Wisdom of the Ancients, Jewel of Vizinia, Bastion of the Selari Dominion, Light of the Maripai Sea, Preserver of Freedom, Custodian of Orasaren, Protector of Peace, Sentinel of Mien &c.


III. The Wizards' Guild

The Guild is occupied internally with various matters. The investigation of Wyr's guardians gave little to act on. However, a bitter young ex-mage named Anethar labors on in the bowels of the Guild Library, striving to find answers to his many questions.