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Actions in Game Year 1408

Society Name: Taltheran

I. The Merchants' Council

The Merchants' Council has had better success with improving trade over the last year, but still sees opportunities to pursue. The successful mission to the north-west and positive momentum from last year's trade efforts builds into enthusiasm for the coming year.

Action 1: Improve trade relations

Nature: External Strategic (Trade) (THIRD of three years)
Determinant: Trade (Good, +1)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Qualifiers: + Although tough traders, the Taltherani are generally regarded as fair dealers
+ The Merchants' Council is ready to cut deals
- There's been a lot of negative sentiment and uncertainty floating around
Secrecy: None
Reaction: Risky (bad failure could harm relations & trade)
Extra Mod: +1 Taltherani aid to Tirmarins (see below) puts them in a positive light.

Result=1 -1 +1 +1 -1 + (-1 -1 +1 0 ) + ( 0 +1 0 0) +1 + (0 -1 0 -1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: Oy. No change to trade. Then again, this is all ripe for change anyway ;)


Meanwhile, efforts are underway to develop a trade route via Sarunar to Myr-Kun to the north-west. The plan is to establish a waypoint in Sarunar in early 1408, with a subset of the expedition to continue on to Myr-Kun bearing goods for trade. Goods will be selected based on the observations and need-determination done by the explorers last year -- that is, the wares will be chosen specifically to appeal to deficiencies, or particular interests and styles, encountered in the Myr-Kun area. The focus will be on building long-term relationships for trade and mutual benefit, rather than on immediate profit. Sarunar was once a large city, and as such, is situated in a reasonably habitable area. The forced delay in the Sarunar area in 1406 enabled the exploreres to learn much of the area, and the expedition will be prepared accordingly. The aim is to establish a self-supporting community which can generate surplus supplies (food, fodder, basic equipment) to support trade caravans in the future. The community will be governed fairly autonomously by a governer appointed by the Merchants' Council but also answerable to the King. Experts is a variety of relevant fields will be included in the initial expedition, and high-ranking emissaries of the King will be empowered to make treaties and establish embassies where appropriate.

[At Dyl's suggestion I've changed this Action from open-ended to strategic over five years.]

Action 2: Develop Trade Route to the North-West

Nature: External Strategic (Trade) (SECOND of five years)
Determinant: Trade (Good, +1)
Difficulty: Medium (0)
Qualifiers: + Recconaissance in hand
+ No prior occupants in Sarunar, reasonably hospitable
reception in Myr-Kun in 1406
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + Major boost to Trade
( ) Minor boost to Trade, with potential for future
--- Damage to Trade reputation and/or infrastructure/loss of opportunities in north-west

[I've changed the way I'm presenting the Reaction value: instead of indicating a one-word risk level, I'm instead indicating possible consequences for extraordinary success/failure (+ +/---), and likely consequences for a normal (successful) outcome. I find this approach clearer, but let me know if it is not satisfactory or if the consequences are not appropriate.]

Great approach to Reactions! Everyone please take note.

Result so far: +1 -0 +1 +1 + (0 0 -1 +1) + (+1 -1 0 +1) + ( ) + ( ) + ( )

Going very well so far.


II. The King

At the end of 1407, a glorious ceremony marked the completion of the new shipyards in Saltrim. The ceremony was highlighted by the launching of the first ship produced by the yard. A variety of regional dignitaries, including a substantial entourage from the Ka'Shari (who by now are familiar visitors in Saltrim), were on hand to witness the event. As the emphatic success of this venture was due in large degree to the Influence of King Agrigax, he now encounters little resistance to following through with his plan to keep crown control of the majority of the ships built here. He leases them at favorable rates to Taltheran merchants, over time building up quite a profitable revenue stream for the royal coffers, while at the same time bolstering Taltheran's shipping prowess.

Meanwhile, another matter occupies Agrigax's attention in the Saltrim area. A stream of Tirmarin refugees fleeing Cedonian raids pours into Saltrim.  The King orders that the refugees should be welcomed and given such aid and comfort as possible. Further, the King directs that any refugees who are willing to profess alliegance to the Taltheran throne should be granted permission and assistance to settle in the sparsely-populated coastal regions east of Saltrim out towards the Isle of Celtehar.

(The people of Saltrim have seen a signficant increase in prosperity since the King brought the shipyard project to their city, and consequently his Consent here is high.)

Now, the region east of Saltrim has remained poorly populated not due to natural conditions, but instead as a consequence of raids by the infernal nest of pirates known (from Ka'Shari intelligence) to reside in Kaeir on the Isle of Celtehar. To ensure the safety of the new inhabitants of this region, Agrigax deploys forces from the Royal Guard at key locations along the coast. He also sets up (in cooperation with the Ka'Shari and the Wizards' Guild) a lookout and communications system to allow the Guard to respond in a timely manner to incursions. (If there are refugees with relevant skills, a few jobs may be available as part of this lookout/communications network, or in other parts of the Saltrim-area economy. No Taltherani will be usurped from their jobs, however. The majority of the resettled refugees will have to make their living from the land and sea.)

In conjunction with defending the settlements, the Ka'Shari and Taltheran scouts will attempt to ascertain patterns and weaknesses in the pirate  activities, in anticipation of acting more decisively against them next year.

Action 3: Aid and Resettle Tirmarin Refugees

Nature: Internal Tactical
Determinant: Royal Consent (Good [in Saltrim], +1)
Difficulty: Average (0)
Qualifiers: + Good land
- Pirate threat
++ Where would the refugees go to get better treatment?
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + Agrigax seen as magnanimous (+ to consent)
( ) Reasonable action, no strong reaction
--- Agrigax seen giving away land, exposing helpless refugees to pirates (- to consent)

Result: +1 -0 +1 + (+1 +1 +1 0) = +5 Extraordinary success!!

Suggestion: The Tirmarin are welcomed in the eastern coast and settle rapidly into Taltherani society. The refugees now act as a Key Element in Taltheran (have a go at determinants). A Tirmarin aristocrat (named ?) formally requests Agrigax's aid in protecting the land of Tirmar and offers fealty and aid in repulsing the pirates. (+1 to action 1, action 4 & action 5). Agrigax gets his +1 to consent for the next five years. All Relations with the Tirmarins at Great (+2).


Action 4: Protect Coastal Settlements

Nature: Internal Tactical
Determinant: Royal Guard Force (Great, +2)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Qualifiers: + Magical communcations aid from Wizards' Guild? (see Action 6)
+ Support from Ka'Shari for monitoring pirate movements
- Lots of coast to defend
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + New settlements thrive (+ to Consent)/pirates suffer significant losses (+ to Trade)
( ) New settlements survive/pirates continue depradations
--- Pirates run amok (- to Consent)

Result: +2 -1 +2 + (0 -1 0 -1) = +1 Complete success.

Suggestion: The new Tirmarin settlements east of Saltrim and existing Taltherani villages are now under protection. The pirates continue their incursions but their effect is minimal.


Action 5 (EXTRA #1): Monitor Pirate Activities for Weaknesses

Nature: External Tactical (Reconnaissance)
Determinant: [?? Military Force? Seamanship? Authority? Consent?]
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Qualifiers: + Working with Ka'Shari
+ Magical aid from Wizards' Guild? (see Action 6)
+ Information gathered when recruiting workers for shipyard (cf 1404 results)
+ This action complements Action 4
- Extra action
- Them pirates is slippery sorts, ain't they?!
Secrecy: None.
Reactions: + + Now know exactly how to defeat the pirates
( ) Found a possible weakness to exploit
--- Pirates ambush observers, no knowledge gained

Result: Resources (+1) -1 +2 + (-1 -1 0 +1) = +1 Complete success.

Suggestion: The pirates seem to follow a pattern - with particular ships being seen at the same times each month. Also, it seems as if the pirates are competing, rather than co-ordinated, as conflict between privateer ships at sea is observed.


III. The Wizards' Guild

The Guild is occupied internally with various matters. The investigation of Wyr's guardians gave little to act on. However, a bitter young ex-mage named Anethar labors on in the bowels of the Guild Library, striving to find answers to his many questions.

In the mean time, the Guild provides support for some Actions taken by the King's forces in the eastern part of the country. A number of mages accompany the King's forces and provide magical communication and scrying to aid in detecting and reacting to actions by the Celtehar pirates. (cf Action 4 and Action 5 above.)

Action 6 (EXTRA #2): Magical Support for King's Forces Opposing Pirates

Nature: External Tactical
Determinant: Magical Sophistication (Great, +2)
Difficulty: Easy (+1)
Qualifiers: - Extra action
- Second extra action
Secrecy: None.
Reaction: + + Extra bonus to (or extra info from) King's Actions
( ) +1 to King's Actions
--- Penalty to King's Actions/Negative magical consequences for onsite mages and/or Guild

Result: +2 +1 -2 + (+1 -1 -1 0) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: You get the +1 for action 4, but not action 5. (That's what I used above. Both succeeded anyway.) As a reason, some strangely shaped pirate ships seem immune to the mages' scrying efforts.