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Actions in Game

Society Name: Taltheran


Year Important events
1414 They open new trade routes to the south.
1413 The King send his armies and destoyes the Kaeiren pirates.
1410 The develop more trade routes and learn more of the peoples to the Northwest.
1409 Taltherani guards occupy northern and central Tirmar. The Tirmarin swear fealty to Agrigax.
1408 Tirmarin refugees are allowed to settle in the Saltrim area
1407 The new port at Saltrim is completed.
1406 The expedition reaches Myr Kun while the Guild try to bolster foreign conceptions of Taltheran
1405 While the Wizards investigate Wyr,  a trade agreement is reached with Hadrair and a new expedition sets out for the Calarnar desert...
1404 Saltrim becomes the site of a proposed new port