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Videssia: Reprise 1409
by Mike Shenkar

… As the Senators voices were gradually fading, a tall man in a full equipment of a Ranaloan centurion, but in a purple cloak, stepped forward & held out his right hand. In the deep silence he raised his left hand & every senator noticed as the last rays of ligth glittered on the short, wide blade of a ranalon.

With a single move, without any emotion he made a quick, accurate incision.

Slowly, as the blood began to drip, the words of the ancient oath filled the hall :

" By the name of the Republic, by the name of the blessed Foss, I Talarikius Gavr Nikator – the Servant of Videssia, the Hand of the Senate, the Introducer of peace & quiet, swear that the Videssian blood in this sacred hall wont be cleared until my army will return with victory & I Talarikius Gavr Nikator will wash it off with a streams of blood of the hatred enemy."

" Glory to the Republic! Glory to Videssia ! "