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Videssia: Reprise 1408
Mike Shenkar

The suffets elections

 In the beginning of the new year the special conference was hold in the Senate in order to estimate the work of the suffets during the last 5 years & to decide who will coordinate the nations for the next period. The 4 suffets have excelled themselves: Talarikius Gavr, for the successful campaigns against Onagir for the last 2 years & for repelling the Parglug, Maurilius Mendil, for making the ODA reality, Lauronius Karent, for the extraordinary wise measures against the Agatius Fossern cult & finally Kamodius Taral, who put a lot of work into the new bastions of Videss. All 5 suffets were reelected for the next five years.

After the publication of the results the suffets were intended to hold a traditional speech telling the Senate about their programs & plans for the next period. Gavr has promised that under his command the videssian expanse will spread wide & long & the Republican army will prove itself as the best ground force in the known world. Mendil, added that from his side he will do his best to find the political support for the motherland interests. Taral, told the Senate that the fleet will be successfully accomplished in a few years. Then Karent pronounced that he has intentions to preach the Videssian religion in the neighbor countries.

These plans were gratefully accepted by the Senate with a lot of admiration & hope.