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The Treaty of Anneayana
by M. Keaton

Being those articles agreed between the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and the Eerith in the Qaiyorian year 1413.

[Preamble] A formal documentation of those items agreed between the members of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and those whose power, descent, or legacy shall lie within Mirabalpur; and those free peoples and beings which shall choose to call themselves Eerith and those which, by common assumption, may be understood to be representative of these authoritative bodies and their subsidiary agencies; and those who shall have been considered beholden to them, both progenitor and successor.

[Condition, the first] [Release and Exchange of Prisoners] Both parties shall agree to immediately release all prisoners, incarcerations, and otherwise bound individuals of either party which are held against their expressed, implied, or assumed will or desire. The binding parties shall facilitate the return of captives to their respective peoples inasmuch as is within their capabilities. This article shall include, but not be expressly limited to, those Eerith arcanely bound by the Brotherhood of Sorcerers in Annaeyana and those members of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers held hostage by the Eerith therein as well.

[Condition, the second] [Cessation of Hostilities] Both parties shall agree to suspend and cease all current hostilities and shall affirm their intention to forego such in the future. All claims of vengeance and demands of reparation shall be set aside and considered forfeit and for ever unresolved.

[Condition, the third] [United Opposition of Common Foes] Both parties shall agree to render aid and assistance as is feasible and reasonable in the opposition of any who shall, in the esteem of both parties, constitute a mutual threat to both parties. Said opposition shall include, but not be expressly limited to, the entity annotated as Alatta and those which shall act in stead of the aforementioned.

[Condition, the fourth] [Dispensation of Annaeyana] The area(s) commonly denoted to comprise Annaeyana shall henceforth and in perpetuity be considered the rightful lands and holdings of the collective peoples of the Eerith, and all other parties in witness shall foreswear claim upon this land and shall commit such force and persuasion as is feasible and reasonable to the preservation of said grant. These Eerith shall, however, grant right of passage, usage, and access to those libraries, archives, and such similarities as shall be discovered to the Brotherhood of Sorcerers for so long as such an access shall not comprise a threat to interests of the Eerith or the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. These rights shall not be construed as to allow the assembly of a formal presence or standing force on the part of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and neither shall obligate the Eerith to provision or protect those seeking passage, usage, or access except as is considered feasible and reasonable by those parties in witness.

We, ratifying and approving these gifts, agreements, and grants aforesaid, confirm and make strong all the same for us and our Heirs perpetually, and, by the witness of these present, do renew the same; willing and granting for us and our heirs that this charter and all and singular articles for ever shall be steadfastly, firmly, and inviolably observed; although some articles in the same charter contained, yet hitherto peradventure have not been kept, we will, and by authority command, from henceforth firmly they be observed. Further, we assure that any who violate these articles in all or singular shall be considered as oathbreaker and outlaw and punishment of these transgressors shall fall jointly upon all parties in presence and authority. In witness whereof, we have caused these letters patents to be made and issued.

Signed this day by the hand of one Eubratosa, Archmage, and recognized as endowed by grant to give assurities on behalf of the Council of Magi of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and those consequently subsumed therein, and remarked this day by a member of that sect the Eerith, acknowledged as binding for all as recognized under the singular law of the Eerith; to wit: one may speak for all, and, lacking in government and formality thereof, accepted as sufficiently representative as to be binding.

Eubratosa, Archmage AND The mark made by the Eerith

Witnessed this day by those assembled: the sepulchuric moribundity of the Royal Necromancer of Tanimbar, the miraculously limned conjecture of the Thaumaturge of Anaduan, the hypnotic malocchio of The Enchanter of Comrmenaera, aedileship of the arcane His Highness The Head Imperial Sorcerer of Torphan, the caliphate of gramarye The Court Wizard of Zelkor, the transcendent paean who is the High Lord of the Vraa'al, the sophisticant callidity of Hatdn-Na of the Saraan, the litergical seignior The Over priest of Elanbur, the preeminent suzerain The Emperor of the Hisarian Empire, and the simply beautiful Empress Yzara of Cedonia. And by those who shall receive issued letters of patents without contest.