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Shanari: Reprise 1408
Brennan Taylor

From the Sin-Albiaki, the Book of Hisinvol; author(s) unknown:

It is written that in those days, the seeresses of Sin-Alb walked many miles from tribe to tribe, bringing the word of the great Sin-Alb to the people. The people were many and scattered, and the priestesses walked far. Those that heard the word were awestruck, and they bowed themselved to the Floating City. It was thus that the word was spread among the chosen. In one short year all of the Shanari knew of the great Sin-Alb and all bowed their heads to the floating city. The Sanouki ensured that this was so, for they struck the heads from the bodies of the unenlightened ones who ignored Sin-Alb's great power.

The great Hisinvol, first of the Alb-Sanouki, praised be his name, sent forth messengers to the many tribes of the chosen. He wished to gather the Sanouki in a great meeting, and Sanouki came for many miles across the deserts to hear the word. Hisinvol, praised be his name, gathered the Sanouki within his tent, a great feast was served. The Sanouki quarrelled, as they always did before the coming of the word. When the meal was finished, Hisinvol, praised be his name, stood and announced his ascention to Alb-Sanouk. Many voices rose in protest, as the cowardly dogs remaining among the Sanouki wished to grasp tightly on their pitiful power. Most loud among these was the cursed Shamir from the pampered southlands, and his vile words swayed many of the Sanouki to oppose Hisinvol, praised be his name. The cursed Shamir stood and spoke, his poisoned phrases dripping into the ears of the assembly. Hisinvol, praised be his name, stood before the gathered assembly, the words of the cursed Shamir fueling his wrath.

The three seeresses stood behind Hisinvol, praised be his name, and as the cursed Shamir spoke, one gestured with her hand, calling upon the great Sin-Alb. The cursed Shamir choked upon his words, his face became black. He was struck dead before the assembled Sanouki.

The remaining Sanouki were awed by these events, and bowed low before Hisinvol, praised be his name. These pledged their eternal fealty to the Alb-Sanouk and the distant master who floats above.

In the south and east, still tribes remained who were deaf to the word. The families of the cursed Shamir denied the word of Sin-Alb, their vile heresy unshaken by the great power of the distant master who floats above. In the lands of the east, those that dwellt there believed the word, and yet chose to oppose the seeresses choice. They did not acknowledge the Alb-Sanouk, and chose to live as they had done before.

In the Mountains of the Moon Warrior, the seeresses came upon a group of mystics from a foreign land. The word did not take root among they who were not Shanari, they denied the seeresses entry and the holy women took their leave. These magicians practiced arts that went against the strength of the distant master who floats above, and the seeresses felt the righteous wrath of Sin-Alb at their refusal.