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The Orasareni Defence Alliance
Conference 1407

by Mike Shenkar & Graham Pilling

Results of the Conference:

It is the first conference of the alliance & its members have already faced a serious military & political problems. The main object of discussion was the treacherous attack of the Vraa'al vermin on the valorous city of Damaris.

The furious emissars of Damaris demanded an immediate action from the Alliance. They requested that all power of its members should be used to crush the non-humans. However, the Anaduan emissars made a statement that the Damaris was the side who provoked the conflict by attacking the Vraa'al peaceful delegation. As a result of it the Alliance shouldn't react since the Damaris is punished for its own aggression & stupidity. The dividing line was drawn between the smaller cities. Some has taken the Damaris side & some the Anadouan one.The crutual word belonged to Cormenaera & to the gegemon & the coordinator of the Alliance - The Videssian republic.

The verdict of the Videssian senate & two suffets Talarikius Gavr & Maurilius Mendil was in the best traditions of neutrals:

1) To send an embassy to the Vraa'al elves & to inform them that the Alliance forces don't plan any immediate action, since Damaris provoked the attack. However the emmisars will make it clear to Vraa'al that Orasareni nations don't want any contact with them & any ship which enter the Alliances' territorial waters will be immediately attacked.

2) To form a united fleet from the members navy (each state must supply 1/3 of all its ships & sailors to them ) The new fleet will be equiped with a finest videssian ballistas & catapults. This fleet will patrol the western shores of Orasaren from the Vraa'l & the shores of Videssia from the foolish Parglug.

Vraa'al Rebuttal:

To the esteemed Orasareni Defence Alliance, some comments on your actions and attitudes:

As far as the Vraa'al are concerned, Damaris have recieved what they deserved, and are no longer of primary concern to the Vraa'al. We are not planning to attack or to further diplomatic negotiations with the nations of Orasaren - it is clear that a relationship with savages and barbarians would be futile.

If you wish to waste man power and resourses patrolling the sea between Orasaren and Arelcar, that is your decision, but the Vraa'al offer the advice that it would be far more prudent to use these resorces to rebuild the destroyed port of Damaris and to console the families of the people whom we slaughtered. As already mentioned, we don't plan to take your lands so you would be effectively patrolling for an attack which will never come.

We are a people of honour and we show respect for your defense alliance, however if defence is truly your aim then we expect no bother from you in future. If this is NOT the case and your motives are in any way aggressive, please rest assured that the Vraa'al will quite happily wipe you off the face of Qaiyore.

With honour,

Ahlgren, High Lord of the Vraa'al.

The Message to Parglug:

Maurilius Mendil, The High Suffet of the Republic, The Grand Curator, The Coordinator, The Hand of Senate, to the Ruler of Parglug, greetings.

Our noble neighbor, with a funny felling of astonishment we've received news of a stupid raid on our coastal borders. We really think that (considering you a wise leader ) you was mislead about the real power of Videssian Republic, it is well known to our more "close" neighbors & the bodies of your own warriors can tell you more. We truly believe that even despite this foolish accident the gates of peace are not completely closed for our nations. The apology & the compensation will solve the problem. However, if we are wrong about your wisdom, we must simply let you know that all your fleet wont protect you against videssian steel legions. And we shouldn't remind you that we are speaking from the name of Orasareni Defense Alliance. If Parglug are publicly proclaimed the enemy of the Republic, there will be no place for you to hide on the face of the world. So, we just propose to consider your future actions well, Otherwise, one day you may wake up because of the videssian Labru knocking at your gates!

Maurilius Mendil.