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Return from the Oracle
by Jason Heaps

"Nioratosa walked down the ancient hall towards his fathers chambers. His father is the Archmage of Mir. Most Sorcers that marry and have children don't have children born with the talent for using magic, but Nioratosa was one of the few children born to a Sorcer with the talent.

Nioratosa walked through the ancient halls followed by an Apprentice Sorcer named Asadu. Just then they came to the Archmage's door. Nioratosa knocked.

"Come in Nioratosa." a strong deep voice called. Nioratosa enters followed by Asadu.

"Hello Father." Nioratosa bows. "Father the party sent to the Oracle has returned." Nioratosa steps back and pushes Asadu forward. Asadu stars at the Archmage then attemps a clumsy bow.

"Hello Asadu." Archmage Eubratosa says. Asadu's face shows suprise.

"Yes Asadu I know your name. Now Asadu were is the rest of the group?"

"They were captured at the Oracle." Asadu stamers.

"Captured!" The Archmage shout up out of his chair."Did they not put the Lucians to sleep?"

"Yes we did, but when we tried to make the Oracle work the magic got out of control and woke them up." Asadu says shrinking back from the Archmage.

"Sorry Asadu, I am not angry at you." The Archmage sits back down and looks out the window. "So that was a wast of time and good men."

"Sir" Asadu says tentivly.

"Yes Asadu." The Archmage looks at him.

"We did get a Prophecy before they woke up." Asadu says.

"You did. Do you remeber it?" the Archmage rises slowly from his desk looking intently at Asadu.

"Yes." Asadu responce looking the Archmage strate in the eye.

"What is it." Archmage Eubratosa says

Asadu starts speaking all the while looking the Archmage in the eye.

"One friend shall turn on another.
A great city at the of a desert is besieged,
from above and from the ground.
A dark, ancient power awakens.
That which was great shall be cast down
or shall rise again."

The Archmage looks a Asadu for a few moments. The he says, "Thank you Asadu you may have helped save us all." He then turns towards Nioratosa and says, "Call the Council of Twelve together for a meeting.