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by Brennan Tylor

The Docks of Mirabalpur

The two women, shrouded in robes, stood upon the docks beside a rocking ship. The day was clear, and the sailing would be good. The six men with the women, dressed in the style of Shanari warriors, gazed upon the crowds on the docks in disgust. Still, they seemed none to eager to board the ship, remembering their last journey across the sickening waves.

The elder of the two seeresses looked at her companion. Islanda's veil was damp with tears, but no sound emerged from beneath the mask.

"Are you ready?" Kala asked.

"How could this happen? How could she forsake Him?" Islanda said, her voice cracking slightly.

"Have no fear, Sister," Kala replied, turning and looking up at the glorious towers of Mirabalpur. She returned her gaze to the other seeress. "Sin-Alb made the choice, you realize. He chose you and your daughter for this mission. His will is being realized. Who are we to question His wisdom? Facresa was meant to come here, and meant to betray us. It is the will of Sin-Alb."

Islanda's head raised. Beneath her mask she gazed at Kala in frank amazement.

"Return to our people, Islanda. Tell them what has happened here."

"What do you mean? Are you staying here?"

"I must. It is the will of Sin-Alb." So saying, Kala turned and walked into the bustling crowd, leaving Islanda and the Sinari guards dumbfounded on the docks.