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Mirish responce to Sinari Missonaries
by Jason Heaps

City of Mirabalpur

As Kala walked the throught the gates and renters the city of Mirabalpur. She looked around and suddenly found hershelf surronded by Sorcerers. There was fifty at the least. There were black robed and red robes and white robes. They form a circle around her, and each linked the elbows of the person next to him. Kala stared at the Sorcerers surronding her. Then an opening aperied before her, and in walked Nioraotsa and Facresa. Kala eyes hardend.

"Hello Kala." Nioraotsa said in a polite voices. "I had not expected you to come back."

"I am here to do the will of Sin-Alb." Kala responded.

"It is Miracradsa's will that is performed on this island and not the will of Sin-Alb," Nioratosa said. Then he looked at his daughter, "I thought you would have noticed that in the Grand Hall.."

"It was the will of Sin-Alb that Facresa betray him." Kala said.

"Is that what he told you." Nioratosa said laughing. Every Sorcerer and Sorceress that fromed the Circle also started chuckling. By this time a forth of the city of Mirabalpur had gathered around the circle.

"You think to convert the people of Mir to the worship of Sin-Alb. Well I don't think it would work. Miracradsa is to much apart of these peoples lives. She has been conected to these people for Miliniums. I don't think they would convert that easly." Facresa said and behind her the people of Mirabalpur yelled their support. Nioratosa smiled as he backed upon and joined the circle.

"I think you have your answear." He said. "So are you going to stay here or are you going to leave?"

"It is the will of Sin-Alb that I stay and teach these people." Kala said.

"Then so be it," Nioraotsa said. Then the Sorcerers began to gather their will and fromed it into a spell. All of the sudden the air around Kala became fogy and haze and the building began to twist and change. Then the fog cleared and they were no longer in Mirabalpur, but in the desert. To the east was a bluish body of water.

"Were are we?" Kala demanded.

"We are on the Kelshir Coast." Nioraotsa said.

"Take me back to Mir!" Kala demanded.

"No. You can try to go back or send another sister but we will continue to telport you here, and if you keep coming we might just teleport you someware were you can't get back." Nioratosa threatened. Then him and the other Sorcerers telported back to Mirabalpur. Leaving a vary upset Seeress behind.