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The Legend of Agatius Fossern
by Mike Shenkar

(this secret ancient manuscript is treasured in the personal library of Lauronius Karent).

" I - Agatius Fossern the Grand suffet of Videss, The Founder & the peacemaker, have decided to write this letter & to give it to Horvenius Karent in order that he & his descendants will keep this manuscript hidden from people. They are ordered to pass this document only to the next Grand suffet of Videss when he will be chosen by people in the time of the great need. I trust this paper the history of my real origin as well as the story of the ancient powers of evil which was defeated by me & the mighty artifact that I have left their under the guarding of the dark forces. This artifact will only serve my direct descendant which will come from the north to lead the people to of Videssia to glory & freedom.

But, first of all I must admit that I, Agatius Fossern - a man who had made magic outlawed, I was a Mirish Archmage.

Then I was exiled from Mir (for the reason I can not trust even to this peace of paper) I gave a promise, that one day I or my descendant will destroy this den of the cursed serpents once & for all.So, this is the story of my glory which will serve a guide to Grand suffet of Videss & will help him to overcome the traps on his way to the artifact itself.

Then I battled the ghostly spirits in the Arand valley I was able to understand that they are commanded by some unseen mighty power which probably dwells in the ancient ruins near the river. But there is nothing in this old world that can cause the Mirish Archmage to shiver in fear.

However the moment Ive entered the ruins, something cold slapped around my ankle & yanked. The artifact of Gor was in my hand & I was filled with power of primordial. The tentacle was full of cold, so I stroke with a fire. Apparently it didnt like the resistance; it yanked again. I was shocked that this thing is still alive, & in a spare of a second I was caught off balance & down into the water. Something cold coiled around my wrist. Another one slapped around my waist. Now I felt very angry & the tentacle on my wrist exploded, followed by the one on my waist & the sluglike body itself. The air & the water were quiet once more. I turned the attention to the gate. Shadows clustered there; below the iron teeth of the portcullis, it was dark & filled with gloom. I floated on in. Darkness enveloped me & suddenly something glowed in front, quickly becoming clear - the gowned form of a young woman with a bare skull beneath long, flowing hair, jaws parted in a wail of despair. I was just looking at it, keeping the silence. And a spirit appeared opposite me, cloaked & hooded, baleful eyes glowing from the shadows within, a bony hand reaching out...

" Who comes against Luandr'ha? " Demanded a deep & cavernous voice.

It was spooky, considering the old mans lips hadnt moved.

I frowned.

" I, Agatius Fossern the former Archmage of Mir demand that you withdraw your minions from the land of Videssia. And also I want to leave here this artifact of Gor which you will guide until Ill return or my descendants arrival ".

The phantoms lips peeled back from the pointed teeth & the shrill, manic laughter filled the hall.

" Now we'll see how powerful you are, sorcerer", he pronounced & threw a lightning ball. It exploded in the air. And the phantom suddenly found himself trapped within the magic circle, he was unable to break.

" What do you say now, my old friend? " I asked.

" I obey your wish master ".

" Very good, " the phantom was obviously wiser than I first thought.

I walked through the corridor again & the door closed over my back waiting for my return.