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Society Determinants


Society name The Commonwealth of the Shanariyya (Sons of Shanar).(Shanari)
Location The tribes of the Calarnar desert, northern Qaiyore.
Languages Several Shanari dialects of the Western Desert language family - Akbari, Jabuasi, Milakanuri, Jabali and Kelshiri. Akbari is the written standard (using a Milakanuri script), and rapidly becoming the spoken standard.

Trade creoles from the Kelviri mountains, Bel'Adne, Terebuan and Morvali are understand by many.
Scope for the Commonwealth: Mediocre- ~300,000 people
All the Shanari: ~1,000,000
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   Survival
Secondary: War/Conquest
Subsistence Wilderness% 70 - most of their territory is uncultivated
Wasteland% 70 (Enormous) It's a desert! (save for the regions immediately below)
Yield% 100 (Normal) Areas of cultivation limited to the central provinces: Central and Lesser Mountains and the Kelshir.
Urban% 2 (Small) limited towns. Akbari (1000), Jabali (600) and Kelshir-serai (500).

The wild theranth are only hunted as food animals by the Shanari, not as mounts. They do capture some alive to sell to traders who are interested in them, though.

The catayarsh are the primary riding and companion animal of the Shanari. They can be trained to protect herds of sigru, the goat-like herds most Shanari maintain. Catayarsh are exceptionally intelligent, and those that are raised by humans are readily able to act in surprisingly useful ways, protecting their masters as well as entering battle with no apparent fear. Catayarsh can grow to a great age, between 40 and 50 is not uncommon. No Shanari would ever eat a catayarsh under any circumstances; it is considered tantamount to cannibalism. Dead catayarsh are given funeral pyres just like humans.

The southwestern tribes do use the taigan as a load-bearing animal, but also herd them to eat, since a single taigan can feed the tribe for quite some time.


Ruling Agency The Alb-Talis (The Binder), Shanjil Yuliyan al Shawari.
Key elements The Council of Companions, the Faymiyuniyya (family of Faymiyun) and individuals.
Internal politics The Alb-Talis Shanjil Yuliyan al Shawari.
Authority: Superb (+3)
Influence: Great (+2)
Consent: Good (+1)

The Council of Companions:
Authority: Great (+2)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent: Superb (+3)

Authority: Good (+1)
Influence: Great (+2)
Consent: Good (+1)

Jazariyyah ba Faymiyun al Shawari, the son of Faymiyun and governor of Jabali.

Authority: Good (+1)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent: Good (+1)

Mattarlib al Shawari, the nephew of Faymiyun.

Authority: Good (+1)
Influence: Mediocre (0)
Consent: Good (+1)

Aflatun Faymiyun al Kiviri, Kiviri freeman, appointed Core Army General by the Talis Shanjil.

Authority: Great (+2)
Influence: Great (+2)
Consent: Good (+1)

aj-Juraij Jubraisi, early companion of Faymiyun and governor of Kelshir-serai..

Authority: Good (+1)
Influence: Good (+1)
Consent: Good (+1)
External politics

Others TBD


Military organization The Commonwealth Army.
Military values The Core.
Force: Fair
Size: Very Small

The Divisions. Force: Mediocre
Size: Fair
Economic system
 Currency, the silver Calarnari, issued by the Commonwealth Treasury in Akbari.  Considerable barter as well.
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values Craft: Good (+1)

Resources: Mediocre (-1)

Exploitation: Great (+2) The Shanari use all the resources the desert can provide.

Trade: Great (+2) The trade between tribes is brisk, helped by raiding.

Wealth: Good (+1)

Humanities               Tolerance           Prevalence          Diversity          Sophistication
                ---------            ----------           ---------          --------------
Religion:      Mediocre                 Great               Mediocre                  Great
Arts:           Good                 Good               Great                     Good
Scholastics: Good                 Mediocre                Mediocre           Mediocre
Magic:         Terrible                 Terrible                Terrible            Terrible