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Actions in the Game Year 1417

Society Name: Shanari


The Seeresses bring the Sinari back under their control.


At the end of the year 1417 the Annaeyana stops above the city of Sarunor. The Sianri arrive a few days afterwards. They attack the city and ...

Force: Good Size: Great
+ Annaynea overhead
Force: Fair Size: Small
+ Defence
- Annaynea overhead
Sinari +1 +2 ( -1 +1 +1 -1) +3
Sarunor 0 +1 -1 (0 +1 -1 0 ) 0)

The Sinari destory the city garrison and then lay waste to the city. A few people escape the city and head back to Taltheran. Annaeyana sits their for the rest of the year. Then Seeresses send a call out to all the followers of Sin-Alb to come and join them at the ruins of Sarunor...

(Primary Determent: Relgion
Difficulty: Hard
Modifiers: + The Seeresses are closes to the Morvali.
+ Their worshipers are fanatices
Results-1 +2 + (+1 +1 -1 +1) = +3 Complete Success.)

The worshipers of the Sin-Alb respond to the Call. They start coming from Bel'Adn, Morvali, and anyware else. Rumors spread south that an army as numorous as the sand has begun to invaided.