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Actions in the Game Year 1415

Society Name: Shanari

Action 1: Await the Sign
The Sinari sit below the floating city, awaiting the sign that was said to be coming.
Type: Military, External
Actor: Sinari Warriors
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: ?
Task: Normal
Modifiers: ?

Result: No roll is really required for this, I don't think...

Suggestion: No sign is found bby the seeresses. It appears as though the Sinari must continue to wait...

Action 2: Delegation to Mir
Enraged by the assault on his camp, Hisinvol sends a delegation to Mir to demand reparations. He sends a group of three seeresses, and a small honor guard. The group is deliberately small, but they have no fear as they ride to Mir. Once there, the lead seeress demands audience with the rulers of Mir.
"The sorcerers of Mir have attacked the Chosen of Sin-Alb," she announces. "Hisinvol, Praised Be His Name, has chosen to be merciful. The might of the Sinari will be withheld if the unbelievers of Mir appease him. In the Sin-Alb, he demands that those criminals responsible for the assault on the Sinari be put to death, and reparations paid to Hisinvol. So speaks the Chosen of Sin-Alb, tremble lest his gaze focus on you."
Type: Political, External
Actor: Seeresses
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Relations with Mir (Poor -1)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: - Hisinvol was angered by the attack on Tarfn
- the seeresses view the Mirish religion as false
+ Myr-Kun refugees will have told tales of the Sinari strength
- the seeresses will threaten the leaders of Mir
-- the demands include the execution of Nioratosa
+ the seeresses are magically powerful

Result: -4 + (0 -1 +1 +1)= -3 Severe Failure

The Sorcerers of Mir did not agree to the demands. Not only that after they have refussed the demands. The Sorcerers demand that the Seeress Facresa stay in Mir. They clam that she is the daughter of Nioratosa. The Seeress Islanda (mother to Facresa) says that it is true. The Seeress Facresa desides to stay with her father, and grandfather, and to the shock of the other two Seeresses she gives up her worship of Sin-Alb.