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Actions in the Game Year 1414

Society Name: Shanari

Action 1: Raze Myr-Kun
Hisinvol gives the order that the city is to be destroyed. All inhabitants who will convert are spared, the rest put to the sword. The converted people are set to tearing the city to the ground and salting the fields around Myr-Kun.
Type: Military, External
Actor: Sinari Warriors
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Force (Good +1)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + the Sinari have captured the city
+ the city was partially destroyed by 'angels'
+ riots and a long siege have weakened the inhabitants
+ Annaeyana still hangs overhead

Result: 0 +1 +4 + (0 -1 -1 +1)= +4 Superior Success

Suggestion: By the end of the year, the coty of Myr-Kun is in ruins. It will be many years before any can dwell there again.

The order goes out to slay those who refuse to convert, but the executioners' hands are stayed at the last moment. Instead, Hisinvol decrees that those who will not worship Sin-Alb be exiled, and sent to the south to warn of the coming shadow. Myr-Kun is razed, save for a small section occupied by the Eerith. The fields are salted, and it will be many years before anyone can live there again.

Action 2: Debate of the Elders
The seeresses debate the merits of choosing Sin-Alb or Dex-Alb. The prophet Alfos is present, as is the former Mirian sorcerer who aided the attack. The seeresses want their testimony, but will make the final decision themselves. They lean toward Sin-Alb, but may be convinced to change their focus.
Type: Political, Internal
Actor: the Alb-Shanari seeresses
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Influence (Great +2)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + the seeresses have always called their god Sin-Alb

Result: +2 +1 + (0 0 0 +1)= +4 Superior Success

The seeresses meet with the Eerith and Tarfn the renegade mage, as well as with the mad prophet. The debate goes on for many days, but the seeresses are already certain of what to do. The will of Sin-Alb is manifest in the movements of the floating city, and that is what the Sinari must follow. Although the Eerith are the angels of Sin-Alb, even they are not privy to the overarching plans of He Who Sees All. The few seeresses who disagree part amicably with their sorority, and go with the Eerith into what remains of Myr-Kun.

Action 3: Assault on Bel'Adne
Hanouk chooses to seize the initiative and strike at Bel'Adne now that the rebellion is dying down. He gathers his forces and strikes toward Lachel.
Type: Military, External
Actor: Sinari Warriors
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Force (Good +1)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + the Sinari are itching for a fight
- the forces have large numbers of converted Bel'Adne
- Bel'Adne proper is no longer distracted by internal rebellion

Shanari Force Good, Size Fair
- Majority of warriors in Myr-Kun
Bel'Adne ForceFair, Size Fair
- - weakened by rebellion

Shanari: +1 -1 + ( 0 -1 -1 -1)= -3
Bel'Adne: 0 -2 + (0 0 0 -1)= -3

Though many Shanari and Bel'Adne lose their lives in bloody and pointless fighting, Hanouk need not worry about his regime. The armies are occupied.

Action 4: Guidance from Above
Hisinvol asks the seeresses where next to direct his army. They seek guidance from the city above.
Type: Religious, External
Actor: Seeresses
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: ???
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + Anneayana floats above
+ the divine beings have been directly influencing the events in Myr-Kun

Result: +2 + (+1 0 +1 +1)= +5 Extraordinary Success

Suggestion: The seeresses are told that a sign will soon come, and when the sign is seen, the Shanari shall sweep south and convert the peoples of Midsea to the worship of Sin-Alb.

A mighty cry rises from the assembled Sinari, and the clash of weapons and yowling of the catayarsh chill any who might hear it, and the refugees huddle under their cloaks, hurrying southward, afraid to gaze over their shoulders lest their eyes should see the floating city following them.