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Actions in the Game Year 1413

Society Name: Shanari

Hisinvol gazed across the sands at the city of Myr-Kun. The city burned, as the populace panicked at the very presence of his army. The time had come. Sin-Alb had marked the city, and now it was the Sinari's. He raised his hand, and the hordes of catayarsh mounted warriors moved forward.

Action 1 through 3: The Sinari invade Myr-Kun
Type: Military, External
Actor: Sinari Warriors
Weight: Triple
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Force (Good +1)
Task: Normal (?)
Modifiers: + the Sinari have been guided here by Sin-Alb
+ the inhabitants are demoralized and disorganized by riots

Results: +1 +2 + (0 -1 +1 -1) +2= +4 Superior Success

Suggestion: As the Shanari approach the city, a tremendos explosion rocks the area. As the smoke clears, several beings of golden light descend from the floating city. These beings, surely servants of the mighty Sin-Alb, proceed to lay waste to large sections of the city. Following this, the Shanari advance, and only a small company of guardsmen stand between the Shanari and the open city gates. However, a robed mage emerges from the city and calls magefire down on the guardsmen, leaving now forces to oppose the conquest of the city. The mage intoduces himself as a former Mirish mage, who was sent a vision from Sin-Alb. He says he has taken the name Hashikh (meaning Chosen One or One Who Chooses in the Shanari tounge), and offers his services to Hisinvol.

As he looked across his lands, Hanouk sighed. His cousin had set him as the Sanouk of these new lands captured from the Bel'Adne. Already the Bel'Adne administrators sought to cut him off from power, and the Shanari still here enjoyed the soft pleasures of these weak people. Combat alone would make them strong, Hanouk thought. It was time to provoke the enemy.

Action 4: Shanari raids in Bel'Adne
Type: Military, External
Actor: Shanari Warriors
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Force (Good +1)
Task: Normal
Modifiers: + the Shanari have been doing this for generations
+ the warriors are bored and restless, this gives them a purpose
- many warriors in the army are converted Bel'Adne, and the tactics are ruthless

Result: +1 +1 + (-1 +1 0 -1)= +1 Success

Suggestion: The raids are a success. They keep the Bel'Adne off balance, allowing the pro-Shanari rebellion to survive another year.