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Actions in the Game Year 1412

Society Name: Shanari

Action 1: Open Negotiations with Bel'Adne
Hisinvol sends emissaries to open negotiations with the Bel'Adne. He is prepared to complete his battle with the northerners, but his new allies and converts among the southern Bel'Adne convince him to offer a settlement before he commits his troops.
Type: External/Diplomatic
Actor: Hisinvol
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Task: Hard? [Very Hard (-2)]
Primary determinant: Relations - Poor (-1)
Mods: + Threat of invasion
- Shanari have already captured a chunk of the country
+ Some Bel'Adne have allied themselves with the invaders

Result: -2 -1 +2 -1 + (-1 +1 0 +1)= -1 Failure

Suggestion: The Bel'Adne flatly refuse to negotiate. This decision leads tofresh riots in southern Bel'Adne. Everything south of the River Tanat is now nearly unnocupied by Bel'Adne forces and lies ripe for conquest.
However, a few seeresses approach Hisinvol and tell him that they have recieved visions informing them that the reason for for the change in the flight of the home of Sin-Alb (Annaeyana) is to show the Shanari what lands need to be conquered...

Action 2: Call Forth the Sinari
Hisinvol is told by the seeresses that the moving Annaeyana indicates which lands are to be invaded. He sends forth messengers to all corners of the land to summon the Sinari, the warriors loyal to him and to Sin-Alb.
Type: Internal/Military
Actor: Hisinvol
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Task: Normal
Primary determinant: Authority - Superb (+3)
Mods: + The seeresses have prophesied this conflict
+ Loot is to be had in wartime
- The battle will take place far from Shanari lands

Result: 0 +3 +2 -1 + (+1 +1 0 -1)= +5 Extraordinaryy Success

Suggestion: The Sinari rapidly respond to the call. In addition, many warriors from the tribes not loyal to Hisinvol travel to his encampment and rewquest permission to join the Sinari.

Action 3: Move the army to the Shadowlands
The Sinari gather in the Shadowlands, preparing to attack the country indicated by Sin-Alb
Type: External/Military
Actor: Hisinvol (as general)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Task: Normal [Easy +1]
Primary determinant: Authority - Superb (+3)
Mods: + The Shanari are mobile nomads and can live off the land
- The armies are unfamiliar with the Shadowlands

Result: +1 +3 +1 -1 + (-1 -1 0 -1)=+1 Success

Suggestion: The armies succesfully reach the Shadowlands. Scouts report the floating city to be hovering over a great city, a city called Myr-Kun...

Action 4: Defend the Captured Lands
Hisinvol leaves a governor in charge of the captured Bel'Adne lands, along with a defense force (primarily made up of converted Bel'Adne warriors).
Type: Internal/Military
Actor: Governor (a sanouk related to Hisinvol)
Weight: Single
Secrecy: None
Task: Normal
Primary determinant: Great - Superb (+2)
Mods: + Most Bel'Adne in the conquered lands are converts
- The majority of the forces left with Hisinvol.

Result: 0 +2 +1 -1 + (-1 +1 -1 +1)= +2 Complete Success

Suggestion:The Bel'Adne government, severly weakened by constant fighting is unable to even reclaim the territories lost to the rebellion, much less assualt the Sinari.