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Actions in the Game Year 1411

Society Name: Shanari

Action 1: The seeresses venture north into the unconquered Bel'Adne territory, attempting to convert the populous.

Religious, External
TYPE: Religious Conversion
ACTOR: Alb-Shanari seeresses
SUMMARY: Convert the Bel'Adne to the new faith
WEIGHT: Single
PRIME DETERMINANT: Influence: Great (+2)
TASK: Hard
MODIFIERS: + the seeresses have demonstrable magical powers
+ the religion has spread quickly among the captured Bel'Adne
+ Annaeyana has moved from its orbit, a fact that seems to support the seeresses claims
- the Shanari are foreigners and have invaded the country
(-) Poor Relations

Result: -1 +2 +3 -2 + (-1 +1 0 0)= +2 Complete Success

Suggestion: The new religion takes hold in Bel'Adne. Approximatly a fourth of the population converts.


Action 2: The chiefs among the Sinari gather warriors from among the converted Bel'Adne, taking those who are willing to fight for their new faith. Most importantly, converts who are veteran soldiers will help forge the Sinari warriors into a more disciplined fighting force.

Military, Internal
TYPE: Military Restructuring
ACTOR: Sinari Sanouki
SUMMARY: Gain new recruits and train the Sinari warriors
WEIGHT: Single
PRIME DETERMINANT: Influence: Great (+2)
TASK: Normal
MODIFIERS: + the fear of impending attack from northern Bel'Adne is quite real
- the Sinari warriors are proud and may not wish to be trained
- the newly converted may not want to craft a force to fight their kinfolk

Result: 0 +2 +1 -2 + (-1 +1 -1 +1)= +1 Success

Suggestion: A secondary force is raised, consisting mainly of youths who were dissatisfied under the old government and converts to the new religion. Unfortunatly, few trained soldiers join the militia.
Force=Mediocre (-1)
Size= Small (-2)
Future actions can train the new recruits and increase the size.


Action 3 & 4: Having consolidated his hold upon the captured territory, Hisinvol offers an ultimatum to the rulers of northern Bel'Adne: offer homage to him and maintain their positions or he will attack.

Political, External
TYPE: Conquest
ACTOR: Hisinvol
SUMMARY: Demand homage from the Bel'Adne rulers
WEIGHT: Double
PRIME DETERMINANT: Authority: Superb (+3) [ Prime Determinent is Relations: Poor (-2), Hisinvol has no Authority over Bel'Adne]
TASK: Hard [Nigh Impposible (-4)]
MODIFIERS: + the Sinari armies captured a large chunk of Bel'Adne; opposing them might lead to total defeat
+ the southern Bel'Adne have converted to the new faith
- the Sinari were unable to soundly defeat the forces they fought last year
(+) Success with Action 1
(+)Double Action

Result: -4 -2+4 -1 + (0 +1 +1 +1)= 0 Mixed Results

Suggestion: The government of Bel'Adne flatly refuses to submit to "dirty desert barbarians". However, the new converts rise in revolt, throwing the nation into chaos...