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Actions in the Game Year 1410

Society Name: Shanari

Action 1: The Jabuasi, nervous about Hisinvol's military success and dictatorial tendencies, appeal to the Despot of Milakanur for protection of their lands and livestock.

Political, External
TYPE: Military Alliance
ACTOR: Jabuasi Sanouki
SUMMARY: Ask the Despot for protection.
WEIGHT: Single
PRIME DETERMINANT: Influence: Good (+1)
TASK: Normal
MODIFIERS: + the Jabuasi are ethnically similar to the Milakanuri.
+ the Despot may see an opportunity to extend his powers
- Hisinvol and his followers have given Bel'Adne a punishing and the Despot may not be anxious to attract the warlord's attention.


Result: +1 +1 + (-1 -1 +1 0) = +1 Complete Success!

Suggestion: The Despot agrees to a Milakanuri military presence in the Jabuasi lands. In return, the Jabuasi cede the land around the old Cedonian ruined outpost of Jabau, which the Despot fills with a garrison, intending to command his forces in the old Imperial province of Jabuar from there. The Despot stops short of demanding fealty, but his expansionist aims are apparent to Shamir's son, the new Sanouki.


Action 2: Hisinvol engages Bel'Adne defense forces, his warriors conducting hit-and-run strikes on any Bel'Adne forces in the area, harrassing supply lines and destroying bridges and infrastructure.

Military, External
TYPE: Military Campaign
ACTOR: Hisinvol
SUMMARY: The Sinari fight the Bel'Adne
WEIGHT: Single
PRIME DETERMINANT: Military: Fair (0)
TASK: Hard
MODIFIERS: + Hisinvol uses his troops strength, its mobility, to damage the Bel'Adne forces
+ the northern Bel'Adne refuse to send aid
- the Sinari are wild and undisciplined force


Result: 0 +1 + (-1 -1 +1 0) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: The Bel'Adne forces from the city of Lachel are ambushed on their ponderous riparian journey towards the occupied city. Suffering dreadful losses, the Bel'Adne retreat to the north bank of the Lachel river, one hundred miles west of Kharouk I'Sin. Entrenching themselves, the manage to repel subsequent Sinari attacks, forcing the Sinari to return to their new city unable to extend their occupation west towards the inland sea.

The city of Lachel is desolate, citizens fleeing from the imagined Shanari threat to the relative safety of Tanat. A shortage of accommodation and provisions forces the Melcuranin of Tanat to declare martial law. News of the near defeat of the Lachellian military causes concern. Calls for retaliation from the Lachellian refugees are answered by equally strong Tanatian voices discussing the possibility of negotiation. The Melcuranin, aware that the Bel'Adne years of isolation have paid a toll on military effectiveness, begins to consider the options. Should Lachel be abandoned to the Shanari savages in return for peace?


Action 3: Hisinvol consolidates his hold on Kharouk i'Sin. The local governors and aldermen are brought before him and given a choice, rule in his name or die. All those that agree are forced to convert to the Sin-Albian faith. Loyal Sanouki are given primary governing powers, but the main structure of Bel'Adne government will be mostly left in place.

Political, Internal
TYPE: Political Consolidation
ACTOR: Hisinvol
SUMMARY: Assert their control over the captured city.
WEIGHT: Single
PRIME DETERMINANT: Authority: Superb (+3)
TASK: Hard
MODIFIERS: + the Shanari have the real threat of force on their side
+ the seeresses are sincere about conversion, and will welcome all into the fold
- the Shanari hold the city through military conquest
- the Shanari are not considered at all civilised by the Bel'Adne.


Result: +3 + (0 0 -1 0) = +2 Complete Success!

Suggestion: Both disgusted at the waste of resources apparent in the river valley civilisation, yet amazed at the wealth of animal and plantlife compared to his desert home, Hisinvol allows his new followers to continue their daily lives with minimum interference from Shanari conventions.