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Actions in Game

Society Name: Shanari


Year Important events
1428 Trade beings to open up.
1425 A new religion arrises among the Shanari
1424 The Sinari Army is destoryed at Talishara. The Sinari are destroyed.
1423 They march Talishara and the two armies unit out side of the fortifications.
1422 The Sinari annex Taltheran, and conquer half of Cedonia including the capital
1421 They lay siege to the cities of Unnirand, and Caladyn. They also take the city of Pran.
1420 The Sinari Attack Unndrand.
1419 The Sinari march south and destroy Hadrair.
1418 The Sinari march south and destroy Wyr.
1417 The Sinari march south and destroy Sarunor.
1415 Hisinvol is killed. The Seeresses looses one of their numbers to Mir.
1414 They destory the city of Myr-Kun and then wait for the Annaeyana to lead them.
1413 The City of Myr-Kun falls to the Sinari.
1412 The Sinari follow Annaeyana to Myr-Kun.
1411 The Seeresses bring some of the people of Bel'Ande unto Sin-Alb.
1410 The city of Lachel falls.
1409 The city of Sarnabar is captured from the Bel'Adne
1408 Hisinvol becomes Alb-Sanouki