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Philosophy & History

Philosophical Orientation
Society History

Philosophical Orientation

Primary Orientation/Posture, Primary Orientation Aspects, Primary Orientation Followers, Divergent Philosophies/Aspects, Diverging Philosophy Proponents, Diverging Philosophy Followers, Other/Historical Notes


Orientation Posture: Knowlegde/Thought
Orientation Aspects: Conviction, Tradition

The Saraan religion holds that study of the Creator's creation is the true path to knowing the Creator. In the Dreamlands the Saraa were scholars of great renown and travelled far and wide in pursuit of knowledge. The Saraan way of life revolved around scholarly exploration, and had so for uncounted millenia. Their abrupt arrival in Qaiyore has disrupted their fervent pursuit of knowledge, but only temporarily.


Orientation Posture: Survival
Orientation Aspects: Revolution, Prevention

The Saraa arrived from the Dreamlands ill equipped to survive. They knew little or nothing of even the most basic technologies. Faced with imminent demise, the Saraan quickly adopted the tools and knowledge of neighboring desert tribes in the Shadowlands. The great journey across Qaiyore and subsequent settlement in the Shadowlands has completely revolutionized the Saraan way of life, forcing scholars and priests to become farmers, potter, carpenter, etc.

Society History

Society Age, Founding Date, Calendar, Founding Description, Historic Periods/Phases, Founders, Founder's Origins

Age Value: Aria - 4
Society Age: 10 years
Founding Date: 1394
Founding Description:

The Saraa were mysteriously banished from the Dreaming in 1394. They appeared in the city of Mirabulpar and quickly left, following the path of the Annaeyana. They arrived in the Shadowlands and after following the floating island for a short period of time settled in a desert oasis that fell in its path.

Date Event
1394 Arrived in Mirabulpar. Journeyed to the Shadowlands and settled in the path of the Annaeyana.