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Society Determinants


Society name The Saraa
Location Saraan, the name for their land in the Shadowlands, beneath the flight of Annaeyana, northwest Qaiyore
Languages Saraanic
Scope: Very Small (-3)
   population - ~7'500
   landarea - 100 square miles
Philosophical Orientation
Primary Orientation: Survival (Active)
  Revolution of way of life
  Prevention of imminent demise
Secondary Orientation: Knowledge/Thought (Active)
  Conviction knowledge is the path to enlightenment
  Traditional purpose as a people to be scholars
Subsistence Wilderness% 80 (Very Big) - the desert
Wasteland% 40 (Big) - lots of desert
Yield% 100 (Normal) - due to Oasis
Urban% 0 (None) - just a small settlement


Ruling Agency
Sayyadin - Spiritual leader, selected by the Quorum. Usually holds position for life.

Direct Democracy
Key elements Naib:

Influence: Fair (0)
Authority: Fair (0)
Consent: Good (0)

A Naib is selected by the Quorum for each Saraan community to handle day to day affairs. The position is voted on every 15 to 30 years but a good Naib can remain indefinitely.


Influence: Legendary (+4)
Authority: Miserable (-4)
Consent: Legendary (+4)

A regular gathering of every member of Saraan society to vote on all major issues.

Internal politics
The Sayyadin:
   Influence     Miserable (-4)
   Authority     Great (+2)
   Consent       Superb (+3)
External politics
Myr-Kun Fair
Mir	Good
Terebuani Good
in general Fair (0)


Military organization None: Pacifist
Economic system

The Saraa are a communist society; the basic needs are provided for all. However they maintain a capitalist attitude toward luxury items and many goods are exchanged through barter of goods and services. Also, external trade is handled by barter exchange.

Technological Base Late Neolithic (sans copper, but with somewhat advanced agriculture & architecture & highly advanced literature & thought for the age).
Economic values
Crafts (Great)            Great (+3)
Resources (Fair)          Fair (0)
Exploitation (Poor)       Poor (-2)
Trade (Mediocre)          Mediocre (-1)
Wealth (Poor)             Poor (-2)
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Poor      Legend.    Poor      Great
Arts          Good      Good       Mediocre  Good
Scholastics   Legend.   Legend.    Mediocre  Superb
  Essence     Good      Fair       Good      Mediocre
  Authority   Miserable Miserable  Terrible  Legend.