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Actions in Game Year 1405

Society Name: The Saraa

Action 1: Onward Christian Soldiers (Strategic 2 yrs)

  Light streamed into the small mudbrick hut, through the window above  the Sayyadin, where he sat against the wall, through the finely woven  curtain which hung in the door.

  "How many shall be sent?"

  The Sayyadin slowly opened his eyes and closed them again. It would  have seemed an almost reptilian action were it not for the complete  serenity of the small figure sitting cross legged on the floor, his  robes spread about him. The question came from one of the three Naibs  casually sitting before the him.

  "Ten." the Sayyadin replied, "Ten is the number if fingers on our   hand. They will be our fingers, reaching to grasp the secrets of this  world. Ten becomes One, signifying unity of thought and purpose.  Five will go to each city. A single hand for each destination. Five  is the number of diversity and growth."

  The Naib who had spoken before nodded to his two companions. "It is a   wise move. It will be presented to the Quorum." he said and stood.

The other two gave silent assent and stood as well. Pressing their  hands together the three bowed slightly to their Sayyadin. Their  Sayyadin returned the gesture and the three left the small hut.

  ----- * -----

The Saraa have managed to create a standard of living in the deserts.  Extinction is no longer an immediate threat but still looms in the  realm of possibility. So much of their fate still hangs in the  balance, dependent on events far beyond their control. Drought,  disease, war, any of these could tip the scales against them.

It is the suggestion of the Sayyadin and approved by each of the  community Naibs that the advancements of cultures around them must be  studied. The Saraan have learned all they can from the neighboring  desert tribes and must broaden their vision of this world.

The move is brought to the Quorum and approved by the Saraan  population with little dissent. There are cries that the scholars are  needed in the communities, that they will become lost or destroyed in  this new world, but the cries are a small minority.

  Ten of the society's scholars are selected to leave the communities.  Five will travel to Myr-kun, and five will return to Mirabalpur. They  are given goods, rations, and several cattle. They are provided with  wards, cants, and spells to protect them on their journey and they  are sent out while the moon waxes.

  When the ten reach their destinations they are to gain permission  to set up residence in the citys' libraries. They will study to learn  the locations of other technologically advanced centers and send back  messengers with detailed maps.

  Expected  Results: Should gain Relations scores for the two cities. If successful will have bases in the cities &  maps to more cities. If successful may have future effects on Action 2.


Primary: Relations none therefore initially Mediocre (-1)

Task: Very Hard (-2) Myr Kun is a closed community.

Mods: +1 Proximity

+1 Saraa are an oddity which the sorcerers may want to examine

Result: -1 -2 +1 +1 + (0 +1 0 -1) = -1 Failure.

The Saraa are refused access to Myr-Kun's knowledge. No amount of persuasion can change the sorcerers' minds. However, relations (from the sorcerer's point of view) at Fair (0). The Saraa are welcome to the settlement, just not to gain knowledge.


Primary: Relations Fair (0)

Task: Normal (0)

Mods: +1 the Sorcerers have let them access the libraries before

-1 The Sorcerers have a few things (!) on their minds at the moment

+1 They want some help

Result: 0 - 0 +1 -1 +1 + (-1 0 +1 0) = +1 Success!

The Saraa are made welcome in the grand city of Mirabalpur. The Sorcerers go out of their way to help the exotic visitors. The Archmage himself, and another leading Sorcerer named Hirav, meet with the five delegates. They ask their visitors to invite their Sayyadin to a secret assembly which is to take place in Mir next year. In return for the Saraa's attendance, they will allow the delegates access to the libraries.


  Action 2 & 3: Technological Advancement (Strategic 17 yrs)

  The Saraan current level of technological advancement approximates the late Neolithic age in human history. This is a level they have  gained by almost completely adopting the technology of the  neighboring desert tribes. They have learned all they can from the  tribes and now the Saraa must apply themselves to creating a more  stable future for themselves.

The Saraa hope to approximate the tech level of many of the cultures  they encountered on their journey to the Shadowlands. The first step  is to attempt to move well into the Bronze age. This action will  hopefully be helped by the Saraa sent to study the tech of other  societies and by Action 4.

  Determinants: Craft, Scholastics Sophistication

Results: Improve Tech level.

Ideally will increase exploitation score and thus  wealth as well

Action: Year 1 of 17

Primary: Scholastics sophistication: Superb (+3)

Task: Normal (over 17 years)

Mods: +1 access to Mir's libraries

+1 extra action

-1 Not just one technology being advanced, but a gamut!

Result so far: +3 +1 +1 -1 + (-1 0 +1 -1) + …


  Action 4: Study and apply Essence magic to technology

  (Ongoing action, i.e. it's not a strategic action but will happen  each year to (hopefully) positively effect Action 2)

  The Saraan mages will make it their primary endeavor to study  and practice magics that can benefit the technological advancement of  the society.

  Determinant: Essence Magic Sophistication

Results: + or (GAH!) - to Action 2

Perhaps a Superb or Legendary Success might improve  Essence Magic Sophistication?

 Primary: Essence Magic Sophistication Mediocre (-1)

Task: Hard (-1)

Mods: +1 They're going to take their time

Result: -1 -1 +1 + (0 0 -1 +1) = -1 Failure.

No positive or negative effect on Action 2.