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History of the Razanian Coast

Date Event
circa BE7000 It is believed that people first traveled along the coast around this time
BE2750-BE2720 The first towns are founded to the east of the Mountains of the Rim
circa BE2000 Peoples of that land become known as traders, traveling the coast and beyond
circa BE1300 The Church Empyrean is officially formed to spread the teachings of Alaman, prophet of Rea
circa BE1000 The towns, growing into larger states and kingdoms, begin encroaching on one another. There is little peace for 500 years
BE 479 King Delos first unites the peoples of the coast in one kingdom, called Razan for his son. The city of Razan is built, but the kingdom is short-lived. Delos' heir dies at an early age, and though Delos rules well for 58 years, he is finally no match for Mir. There are none to take up the crown and sword at his death
BE421 Draconian-assisted assaults from the floating city Annaeyana force the peoples of the coast to surrender to Mir rule. Mir rule does bring a degree of literacy to the peoples of the area
BE421-BE65 The Shadow Years
BE65 The peoples of the coast are involved in a rebellion against the sorcerers. Dragons are sent in reprisal, and the land is devastated by dragonfire. Nearly half of the population starves
BE65-BE1 The Ash
BE1 Again the coast peoples rise against the sorcerers, and this time they are victorious. Independence is gained from Mir
Q7 After the Mir expulsion, the newly-formed armies set about exterminating the Draconians. The Karanian army leads the assault. The armies penetrate deep into the mountains when all resistance seems to disappear. The Draconians are struck by a deadly plague, and the coastal armies withdraw, leaving the Draconians to die
Q11 Finally free, the people clamor for a resurrection of the united kingdom of Razan. Marduk, the Karanian army captain, becomes king, and all lands to the east of the Mountains of the Rim are considered part of his domain. The area is named the Razanian Coast
Q13 Magic is outlawed in an effort to drive away even the memory of Mir
Q253 Bernar splinters from Razan due to the different needs of the peoples and the difficulties of ruling at such a distance. Bernar becomes its own kingdom
Q260-Q330 Razan's power diminishes, and other states split off of Razan and form independent kingdoms (Sout follows Bernar, then Farnor, Taranta, Karan, Minot, Canor, Tesh, Sayn, Non, Sargor, Narton, and finally Nostan and Haran)
Q330-Q1405 The kingdoms engage in never-ending squabbles, pausing only long enough to trade or celebrate a marriage and (always temporary) alliance
circa Q500 The Razanians (as all of the peoples of Razanian Coast have come to be called) become known as effective raiders as well as traders
Q780 At the Cedonian Empire's height, it does not reach past the Mountains of the Rim
Q842 The University is founded in Sout, celebrating the pursuit of any and all knowledge
Q1254 The kingdom of Taranta splits into Taranta and Taran
Q1305 The Asagmari Arrival. They quickly overrun a large expanse, displacing native Razanians, to form their new land of Aryisa. The kingdoms of Razan, Haran, and Nostan are conquered
Q1380 Trade begins with the Celpali
Q1405 The Century Council is formed to expel the Asagmari