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Society Determinants


Society name The Razanian Society consists of the people of the following kingdoms: Bernar, Farnor, Taran, Taranta, Canor, Tesh, Narton, Karan, Minot, Sayn, Non, Sargor, and Sout
Location The Razanian Coast, eastern Qaiyore
Languages Eastern Mountain Languages family. A number of Razanian dialects. Most residents are multi-lingual, and some of the subjugated serfs in Aryisa speak Asagmari as a second language.
Size Scope: Mediocre ~100,000 people
Land Size: Mediocre ~120,000 square miles
Philosophical Orientation Primary: Survival (aspects: Tradition - the people have remained on the Razanian Coast for hundreds of years; Prevention - they will hold invaders at bay)

Secondary: War (aspect: Conviction - they are the rightful residents of the Razanian Coast, and the Asagmari invaders must be expelled)

Subsistence Wilderness% 80 - mostly forest
Wasteland% 10 (Normal) - mostly forest
Yield% 80 (Mediocre) - a few farms on the outskirts of the larger settlements
Urban% 5  - some towns


Ruling Agency Each kingdom has its own ruler. The entire society is governed as an oligarchy; the Century Council is the few, composed of the rulers of most of the Razanian kingdoms.
Key elements The Century Council - formed to expel the Asagmari invaders

The Trade Conference - an annual conference of traders from the various kingdoms

The Razanian Front - claims to represent all Razanians in Aryisa

The Church Empyrean - ancient church, powerful culturally, weak politically

Internal politics Century Council:
  Authority: Great
  Influence: Good
  Consent: Fair

Trade Conference:
  Authority: Mediocre
  Influence: Good
  Consent: Fair

Razanian Front:
  Authority: Mediocre
  Influence: Great
  Consent: Good

Church Empyrean:
  Authority: Fair
  Influence: Poor
  Consent: Great

External politics  Relations details


Military organization Primary: Feudal army with Conviction when fighting on Razanian soil
Secondary: Conscript army for defense of each individual kingdom
Military values Primary: Feudal
  Force: Good (Great on Razanian soil)
  Size: Fair

Secondary: Conscript for defense
  Force: Fair
  Size: Fair

Economic system Barter
Technological Base Early Metallurgic for the most part
Economic values Crafts: Fair
  Agricultural: Good
  Engineering: Great
  War: Mediocre
  Magic: Poor

Resources: Fair
  Agricultural: Mediocre (a few farms on the outskirts of villages, the Asagmari have taken the best Razanian farmland)
  Mining: Good (along the Mountains of the Rim)
  Woodlands: Great (80% wilderness, mostly forest)
  Human: Mediocre (~100,000 people)

Exploitation: Fair
  Agricultural: Mediocre (80% yield)
  Mining: Mediocre (useful metals only, little use for gems or precious metals in a barter system)
  Woodlands: Good
  Human: Good

Trade: Good

Wealth: Fair

Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------

Religion     Mediocre  Fair       Mediocre  Fair
Arts         Good      Fair       Good      Fair
Scholastics  Great     Fair       Good      Good
Magic        Mediocre  Poor       Great     Poor