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Actions in the Game Year 1420

Society Name:Razanians

Action I and II. - Invasion of Aryisa continues

Now that the Northern and Western Armies are together they'll continue pushing into Aryisa, towards the capital. Northern Armies will continue to push from the north while the Western Armies continue pushing from the west... With last years successful breakthroughs, they are closer to their objective...but the Aryisa military of the two fronts are into one now, so making the push harder still.

Action I. - Strategy, External
Actor: Northern Kingdoms
Objective: Invade Aryisa from the North
Type: Invasion
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Very Hard, Aryisa tight Defences
Prime Determinants: Secondary Philosophical Orientation, Force Great on razanian soil
(+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) hatred for the Asagmari
(+1) united force
(-1) kingdoms have problems working together
(+1) great on razanian soil
(+1) Razanian Front
(+1) Use of Gurders and Minot Catapults
(-1) Aryisa military is more concentrative into one huge front now
(+1) Double Action
Reaction: Heroic

Razanian Force +1
Aryisa Force +2

R +1 +1 (0 -1 -1 0) = 0
A +2 +1 (0 +1 -1 -1) = +2

Suggestion: Due to the major Aryisa defet last year the Razanian enter this year over comfeneded and were defeted and lost half of the land the gained last year.

Action III. - Southern Armies targets the City of Haran

The Aryisan southern military are stuck into the defensive and recently acquiring the knowledge that the Razanian Front are preparing to liberate Haran and has already started causing problems to the Asagmari there and at the City of Haran... the city is still well defended, the most defended place in Haran almost... the Front will have trouble liberating the city. The Southern Armies decided to make it easier for them by starting to harass various Aryisa positions across the river near the city by bombarding them with Catapults...

Actor: Southern Kingdoms
Type: Defence
Secrecy: None, but being cautious of any Aryisan Spies/Scouts.
Difficulty: Very Hard
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War, Great on Razanian Soil
(+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) Razanian Front
(+1) Great on Razanian Soil
(-1) problems working together
(-1) tight Aryisa Defenses
Reaction: Cautious

-2 +2 -1 (-1 -1 0 -1) = -4
It does not work.

Action IV. - Liberation of Haran ( 3 to 5 )

The Razanian Front leaders had made a meeting somewhere, hidden from the Aryisans. They have to start focusing than spread out all over the place, not doing enough damage in anyone place. The Aryisans have already starting to find some Razanian Front hideouts and resistence cells, so they must start concentrating on a target, Haran. After some agreements, they decide that should try concentrating on liberating Haran, where the Aryisans have their second largest city and port. The Majority of Razanian Front resources will be put into doing this, but they'll still have other hideouts at other parts of Aryisa to keep the Asagmari a hard time.

Action IV. - Strategic/Tactical, internal/external (Razanian Front)

Actors: Razanian Front
Objective: Liberating Kingdom of Haran
Type: Espionage/Rebelling/hiding/whatever
Secrecy: Yes
Difficulty: Very Hard
Prime Determinant: War
Secondary Determinant: Survival
+Razanian Front already spread out in Haran
+Aryisa transfering more and more Southern military to the northern front
+concentration in one area than all over the place
-Risk of having the Aryisan stopping the Front for good
+Century Council support
Reaction: Cautious

Results -2 +3 -1 (0 +1 +1 +1 ) + ( +1 0 0 +1) + (0 0 +1 0) + ( ) + ( )