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Actions in Game Year 1416

Society Name: Razanians

Action I. - Invasion of Northern Aryisa

The Northern Armies are ready to invade Aryisa and retake South of Tesh. They will be using the Gurders like the Southern Kingdoms did last year, but as support. The armies will also have artillery support from some of the Minot Catapults used to bring down the Timber Veil. With the Western and Southern Armies invading from the west and south, they will retake their lands and liberate the Razanian Serfs in Aryisa. The remmants of the Tesh and Canor Armies will stay behind in defence.

Action I. - Strategy, External
Actor: Northern Kingdoms
Objective: Invade Aryisa from the North
Type: Invasion
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard, Aryisa tight Defences
Prime Determinants: Secondary Philosophical Orientation, Force Great on razanian soil
Modifiers: (+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) hatred for the Asagmari
(+1) united force
(-1) kingdoms still have trouble working together
(+1) great on razanian soil
( +1) high morale
(+1) Razanian Front
(+1) Use of Gurders and Minot catapults for support

Reaction: Heroic

Razanians: Force Good Size Fair -Timber Viel +High Morale
Arysias: Force Great Size Fair + Timber Viel + Defencive - Low Morale

BattleResults Razanians: +1 +1 -1 ( 0 -1 +1 +1) = +2
Aryisas: +2 +2 -1 (0 0 -1-1) = +1


Action II. - Western Armies Push

Western Razanian Armies continue to push the Aryisan Military to the other side of the Razan River. Despite the Aryisa Army heavy loss, they still fight hard to keep control of their territory, Razan soil.

Action II. - Strategy, External
Actors: Western Kingdoms
Objective: Take control Western side of Razan River
Type: Invasion
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard, Aryisan Military stubborn indeed
Prime Determinant: Secondary Philosophical Orientation, Great on Razanian Soil
Modifiers: (+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) hatred for the Asagmari
(+1) united force
(-1) kingdoms have trouble working together
(+1) great on Razanian Soil
(+1) high morale
(+1) Razanian Front
(+1) lead by the kingdom of Karan
(+1) Aryisan military heavy loss the previous year

Reaction: Cautious

Razanians: Force Good Size Fair +High Morale
Aryisas: Force Great Size Fair + Defencive -Low Morale

Battle Results Razanians: +1 +1 (-1 +1 -1 +1) = +2
Aryisas: +2 +1 -1 (+1 -1 +0 -1) = +1


Action III. - Southern Preparation for possible retaliation

The Southern Armies were able to reach the Haran River, but they won't be able to continue because on their Armies size, despite united. So they will prepare for possible Aryisan retaliation by establishing make shift fortifications and some of Haran Razanian Front Guerillas will defend the villages in the area. They will use Gurders, but sence they are more better used in offence roles, they will be kept behind the defence lines as counter-counter-attack reserves.

Action III. - Strategy, Internal
Actor: Southern Kingdoms
Type: Defence
Secrecy: None, but being cautious of any Aryisan Spies/Scouts.
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Primary Philosophical Orientation: Survival, Great on Razanian Soil (good)
Modifiers: (+1) Primary Philosophical Orientation: Survival
(+1) Haran River, easy to defend chokepoints
(+1) Razanian Front
(+1) Great on Razanian Soil
(-1) trouble working together
(+1) united force
(+1) use of gurders

Reaction: Cautious


Results +1 -1 +3 -1 (0 0 0 0) = +2 Complet success

Great Big Suggestion: The Northern Invasion and the Western Invasion find this year that they Aryisan army is more then ready for them. The Western Invasion does manege to push them a few miles but not all the way to the Razan River. The Northern Invasion does manege to breach the northern part of the Timber Viel but that is as far they got. In many causes their is fighting right over the ruins of the viel. In Aryisa their is much death but little advancement is made. The Southern Invasion beads down on the south side of the river Haran and on the other side the reinfoced Aryisa southern army siting watching back. The Southern Invasion has prepred for a poissible attack from the other side of the river. The Southern Invasion get a +1 next year only for defence against any attack if they have not moved from were they are now.

Action IV. - the Raken Plague....

The Razanian Front notices the reorganization of the Aryisa Military. They also notice that Aryisa will be depending on Raken Calvary in the near future. So they set out to spread some rare diseace that effect Rakens.....but won't be rare anymore if they are successful. Some Razanians Rebels cells in Aryisa are attempting to spread the Raken plague among the Rakens in the South and West Calvaries...possibly later effect the northern Cavalries also...

Action IV. - Strategic, internal/external (Razanian Front)
Actors: Razanian Front
Objective: Spreading a plagues among the Raken mounts used by the Aryisan Military
Type: Sabotage/Espionage
Secrecy: Yes
Difficulty: Very Hard
Prime Determinant: War
Modifiers: +Razanian Front Spread out Hideouts
+found some plagued Rakens coming back from the frontlines
-it is dangerous

Reaction: Risky


Results: -2 +2 -1 (-1 0 +1 0) = - 1 Faliure

Suggestion: Not a single raken came down with the plauge. The Aryisans captured the Razanians before they even got near the Raken.