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Actions in Game Year 1415

Society Name: Razanians

Action I. - Guerilla Warfare in Aryisa

The Razanian Front made its stand and will continue despite rebel losses. They will continue with Guerilla Warfare. Harass/raid/ambush Aryisa military, pirating Asagmari supply lines, liberate Razanians from local nobles control and avoid full confrontations and hide. Make enough trouble that the Aryisa will not be able to send almost anything to the front lines that would be use against the kingdoms forces.

Action I. - Tactical, External
Actor: Razanian Front
Objective: Guerilla Warfare
Type: Rebellion/Guerilla
Secrecy: The Rebels hide outs
Difficulty: Hard (Asagmari control, but a large number of Razanian serfs)
Prime Determinants: Razanian Front Consent/Influence: Good/Great
Modifiers: (+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) Aryisan offensive
(+1) Great on Razanian Soil
(+1) Hideouts spread all over Aryisa
(+1) Aryisa are loosing control of Razanian serfs
(-1) Possible reprisals against the Razanian serfs
(+1) Has support of Century Council
(+1) Razanians hatred for the Asagmari
(-) Failed attempts at similar revolts in recent years


Reaction: Risky
Result: +1 -2 +6 + (+1 -1 0 +1)= +6 Extraordinary Success

Suggestion: The revolt is a success, in that it forces the Aryisan army to withdraw to the territories it held before the recent offensive (Razan, Haran, Nostan, Canor, and part of Tesh).

Battle: Rebel Razanians: Force Poor -2, Size Large +1
Aryisans: Force Great +2 Size: Fair 0 (-) Size difference

Rebels: -2 + (0 +1 0 +1)= 0
Aryisans: +2 -1 + (-1 +1 -1 0)= 0
Win:Loss Ratio of 1:1

Bloody fighting with tremendous casualties on both sides. The Asagmari withdraw from Tesh and Canor as a result. However, perhaps some of the Razanian monarchs start to lose interest now that the borders are as they have been for a century... [That's just an idea, you can decide whether you want to use it].

Action I - Suggestion:
Because of the Razanians Rebelling and of the loss in Karan and Nostan the previous year, the Asagmari troops abandon Canor and North of Tesh to fall back behind Timber Veil so they can fight off the rebels. During that time, the Northern Razanian Troops take control of Canor and Tesh once again. The Razanian Front continues with the Guerillas tactics throughout the year to the next.... (Just remember, was a +6)


Action II. - Fortifying Canor and Tesh

Since the Aryisan Army left Canor and most of Tesh, the Northern Razanian Armies enters Canor and Tesh mopping up any Asagmari left and capturing abandon fortifications and anything else the Asagmari left. The Razanians serfs are happy to see the remnants of the Tesh and Canor Feudal Armies lead by General Minh of Tesh and Prince Tejani of Canor. Canor/Tesh Armies will stay to defend their Kingdoms and to help rebuild. The rest of the Northern Armies will help fortifying both the kingdoms and prepare to attack Aryisa...

Action II. - Strategy, Internal
Actors: Northern Kingdoms and surviving Canor and Tesh Military
Objective: Fortify Canor and Tesh
Type: Defend Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Military force: Good (Great on Razanian Soil)
Modifiers: (++) Primary and Secondary Philosophical Orientation: Survival, War
(+1) Aryisan Retreat
(+1) Combined Military Force
(+1) Great on Razanian Soil
(+1) Local help from the liberated Razanians Serfs in Canor and Tesh
(+1) Razanian Front
(-1) Razanians Independence (technically having hard time working together)
(-1) Remnants of Aryisan Military in Canor and Tesh

Reaction: Cautious


Results: -1, +1, +7, -2 (0, +1, -1, +1) = +6 Superb Success

The Razanians fortify Canor and Tesh with surprising quickness. Any Aryisans left in the countries are dealt with and all the abandoned forts have been refortified by the Razanians army.


Action III. - Invasion of the Western part of Aryisa

While the Northern Armies is occupying Canor and Tesh, the Western Armies invade the Western part of Aryisa (West side of the Razan River). They will go in slowly and use Minot Catapults to lay waste of Asagmari defenses, the western part of Timber Veil. It will be hard, but with the moral boost of last years victories, they will get through.

Action III. - Strategy, External
Actor: Karan, Narton and Minot Military
Objective: Bring down Timber Veil and invade the western part of Aryisa
Type: Offense
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Military Force: Good (Great on Razanian Soil)
Modifiers: (+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) Aryisan retreat
(+1) Lead by the Karan Military (Karans military ways)
(+1) Razanian Front
(+1) Hatred for the Asagmari
(+1) Aryisan Military occupied by Internal Problems
(+1) Moral boost from previous years victories
(-1) Razanian Independence (technically having hard time working together)
(+1) Great on Razanian Soil
(-1) Timber Veil
(+1) Minots Catapult support

Reaction: Heroic


Razanian's Army: Force Good, Size Fair + United + Last years victories - many fronts
Aryisa's Army: Force Great, Size Fair + Defensive + Timber Veil -- Forces split

Razanian's Army: +1 +1 +(0 +0 +1 +0) = +3
Aryisa's Army: +2 +(0 -1 +1 -1) = +1

Suggestion: The Razanians army broke through the Timber Veil and pushed the Aryisan army almost to the Razan river. The Western Army have achieved their goal in invading Aryisa For the first time in Aryisan history their is an enemy army in Aryisa.


Action IV. - Invasion of the Southern part of Aryisa

After the Aryisan retreat and while Aryisan military occupied by internal problems, some South Tacticians and Strategists from the University of Sout have develop a new tactics for their small combined armies (compare to the rest of the Kingdoms) to be able to take on a larger force. It involves the use of many Archers and Gurders... (So technically, the Gurders will be used like the Elephants were used for military actions). Will be the first time that the Gurders will be used for military actions.

Action IV. - Strategy, External
Actors: Sayn, Non and Sargor
Objective: Invade the Southern part of Aryisa
Type: Defense
Difficulty: Hard
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Military Force: Good (Great on Razanian Soil)
Modifiers: (+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) Aryisan Retreat
(+1) Razanian Front
(+1) Moral boost of the Western Armies Victory last year
(+1) Hatred for the Asagmari
(+1) Use of Gurders
(-1) The Tactics are new
(+1) Great on Razanian Soil

Reaction: Cautious

Razanian's Army: Force Good, Size Fair + United + Last years victories - many fronts
Aryisa's Army: Force Great, Size Fair + Defensive - Most the Army is in the North -- Force spread out

Razanian's Army: +1 +1 (-1 +1 -1 +0) = +1
Aryisa's Army: +2 -2 (-1 -1, 0, 0) = -2

Suggestion: This is a bad year for Aryisa. The new tactic devised by the southern Army is vary effective. The Southern Army destroys the small Aryisa army defending the southern border and they meet with no opposition until they reach the city of Haran. Their they meet resistance. Not being ready for a siege they stopped there for the year.