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Actions in Game Year 1408

Society Name: Razanians

Action I. - Create unrest in Aryisa

In the early months of 1408, the Razanian Front begins its efforts to organize and mobilize the Razanian serfs in Aryisa. There is a superficial attempt at secrecy, but the Razanian Front's designs are clear. Numerous attempts are made to smuggle in what weapons can be spared, and all serfs in rural areas are exhorted to rise up against their overlords. Those in the towns are told to do everything possible to disrupt the flow of communications. It is made clear that no grand-scale destruction of land is to be sought out, as it is still Razanian land; instead, everything that can be done to destroy the organization of the Asagmari is to be tried. The serfs are also told that each and every one of them will be welcomed in the remaining independent Razanian kingdoms and their armies, and there is no cowardice in fleeing Aryisa only to return to Razan triumphant.

Action I. - Tactical, External

Actor: Razanian Front
Objective: Create unrest in Aryisa (rioting, militant resistance among the Razanian serfs).
Type: Espionage
Secrecy: Some small attempt at secrecy, but it is well known what the R.F. is attempting
Difficulty: Hard (Asagmari control, but a large number of Razanian serfs)
Prime Determinants: Razanian Front Consent/Influence: Good/Great
(+1) Secondary Philosophical Orientation: War
(+1) Aryisan offensive in 1407, raiding, burning, and pillaging
(-1) Tight Aryisan borders
(-1) Possible reprisals against the Razanian serfs
(+1) Has tacit support of Century Council
Reaction: Risky

Result: +1 -1 +1 + (0 -1 0 0) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: The Razanian serfs are eager to strike back at their Asagmari overlords in Aryisa, but the Asagmari border guards are expecting trouble and are particularly vigilant after the occupation of southern Tesh and most of Canor last year by the Crusader-led military. The Razanian Front manage to smuggle through some weapons and the serfs in the city of Razan (which the Asagmari impudently refer to as Aryisa) cause problems at the docks, burning supplies and generally making the shipyard unusable throughout the year. Further south, the serfs in Haran cause a few disturbances but are quickly caught and imprisoned by the Asagmari.


Action II. - Raise secondary armies for defense

Every Razanian kingdom bordering Aryisa and along the coast calls to arms their conscript armies. The destruction of Tesh, Canor, and Narton will not be repeated. Most particularly, those three kingdoms call their secondary armies: the Teshan army gathers in its heartland; the Canoric army attempts to gather in the foothills of the Mountains of the Rim, those blocked off gather along the Tarantan border; the Nartonian army gathers along the southwestern Teshan border, next to the Asagmari occupation. Many of the armies are expected to assist with the harvest if they are not actively engaged at that time of year. The secondary armies are typically housed in the woods nearby a town…they are far more knowledgeable in how to raid and harass an army than in how to defend a town. The town defense will mainly be left up to the primary armies.

Action II. - Tactical, Internal

Actors: individual kingdoms
Objective: Raise the secondary armies for defense.
Type: Defense
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Normal
Prime Determinant: individual kingdoms' Authority: Fair (on average)
(+1) Primary Philosophical Orientation: Survival
(+1) Aryisan offensive in 1407
Reaction: Cautious

Result: 0 -0 +2 + (0 0 0 -1) = +1 Complete success!

Suggestion: The secondary armies are mobilised successfully and gather at hand in case they are needed.


Action III. - Bring the remaining Razanian kingdoms into the Century Council

Following the occupation of Canor and southern Tesh, a call goes out for all remaining kingdoms to join the Century Council. Membership in the Council guarantees a kingdom economic and military aid (only while engaged against the Asagmari). It has become apparent to most of the Razanian lords that the Asagmari do not intend to simply go away, and in fact continue to encroach on the remaining Razanian lands. Perhaps the only way to deal with Aryisa is to do away with it altogether. Let the Asagmari find themselves yet another new home.

Action III. - Tactical, Internal

Actor: Century CouncilObjective: Bring the rest of the Razanian kingdoms into the fold (the Century Council).
Type: Negotiations
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Hard
Prime Determinant: Century Council Influence: Good
(-1) Independence of remaining kingdoms
(+1) Aryisan offensive in 1407
(+1) Century Council can aid kingdoms with relief - military, food, economic
Reaction: Business as usual

Result: +1 -1 +1 + (0 +1 0 0) = +2 Complete success!

Suggestion: All the lands considering themselves Razanian are now members of the Century Council.


Action IV. - Secret

Many of the Razanian kingdoms seem a little too quiet, considering the Aryisan offensive in 1407.

Result: sent to Matt


Action V. - Gain entry for the Church Empyrean into the Century Council

The King Empyrean, Timur VI, speaks up at the Century Council. He waxes eloquent upon the necessity of bringing the Church Empyrean into the Council. If unity is desired among the kingdoms, there must be a mediating power. The Church was involved in the creation of the first united kingdom of Razan, and every attempt at unity since then has been assisted by the Church. The Church retains a large following among the Razanian peasantry, and is still followed by many in Aryisa. And of course, in all of its pursuits the Century Council will desire the blessings of Rea.

Action V. - Extra Action, Strategic (year 1 of 3), Internal

Actors: Church Empyrean, Timur VI (king of Narton)
Objective: Create a seat on the Century Council for the Church Empyrean.
Type: Negotiations
Secrecy: None
Difficulty: Very Hard (In an already divided land, allowing a new voice the trappings of power. And the Church has not been outspoken against the Asagmari.)
Prime Determinant: Church Empyrean Influence: Poor
(+1) The Church had an influence on the creation of the first united Razan, and might help bring about unity now
(-1) Extra action
Reaction: Risky

Result so far: -2 -2 +0 + (-1 -1 +1 +1) + ( ) + ( )

Two years to go. (Not going so well so far….)