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Actions in Game Year 1409

Non-Player Societies (Significant  Actions)

Bel’Adne: The High Council is reeling from the Shanari incursion, and the loss of Sarnabar, the second city of the province of Lachel. There are calls for retaliation, and the Melcuranin of Lachel demands immediate assistance from the northern provinces. The Melcuranin of Mantol, pre-occupied with the recent visit of Hria and Celpali dignitaries and the implications for outsider interference in Bel’Adne affairs, refuses to send assistance. The Raenath commands Lachel to regain Sarnabar. Thousands flee the southern province to the relative safety of Tanat.

Cedonia: The Cedonian armies occupy southern Tirmar, including the ruins of the once important port at Talishara. Refugees flee to the Taltherani-occupied north, the Cedonians ‘assisting’ them in their exodus when necessary. Selari labourers are brought in to begin the rebuilding of the port. Southern Tirmar is formally incoporated into the Cedonian Imperial County of Selaria.

Free Cities: Anaduan and Cormenaera come to an understanding.

Kaeir: The Mayor revels in the successful assault on the Cormenaeran trade convoy to Tanimbar.

Milakanur: The Despot expels the Alb’Shanari seeresses as they attempt to promote the overlordship of Hisinvol.

Mir: Mirabalpur harbour – a great convoy of ships carrying the Archmage and the majority of the Council leaves for Celpalar.

Terebuani: Deaths related to the flight of Annaeyana are on the increase. Bedu matriarchs despair at the loss of their families. Foolish Shanari sorceresses promoting the divinity of Annaeyana are politely dealt with and asked to leave.

Tirmarin: The majority of Tirmarin flee to the northern parts of the province under Taltherani protection. Others are forced to leave the south by Cedonian soldiers.