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Actions in Game Year 1408

Non-Player Societies, Ban Horroth, Bel'Adne, Ka'Shari, The Tana, Vraa'al

Ban Horroth - study the data on their Razanian neighbours

Bel'Adne - the Melcuranin of Tanat continues the exploration of the northern mountains [From 1409, Bel'Adne is a NPS - Ori has unsubbed so I'm assuming he's quit the game]

Cedonia - Yzara send scouting missions into Tirmar with an eye on conquest.

East Torphan - mysterious tales of monsters emerge from the southern forests

The Eerith - have seemingly vanished. Neither the Vraa'al high lord nor the Mirish sorcerers know where they've gone.

Free Cities - Anaduan loses control of Anecir to Cormenaera, which installs a puppet governer in that city. [Cormenaera becomes a PS in 1409]

Kaeir - the Mayor increases taxes, putting pressure on the populous to step up their raiding missions

Ka'Shari - begin an effort to map Midsea in greater detail

Milakanur - the Overpriest attends a meeting with mysterious mystics in the Calarnar desert

Mir - the Sorcerers make plans to travel to Areneth

The Morvali - the new city of Corryn expands as more and more clans settle in the outskirts

Myr-Kun - the Grand Archmage has dialogue with the Torphani

The Onagir - the majority hide out after fresh attacks by the Videssians, who seem to be attempting genocide

The Tana - the QueenShe celebrates her 40th birthday

The Terebuani - hear news of a new powerful leader in the Calarnar desert

The Therani - celebrations in Wyr as they celebrate their annual thanksgiving for their survival from the Ice Demons

The Tirmarin - continue to flock into eastern Taltheran

Torphan - sends an ambassador to Myr-Kun

Vraa'al - the High Lord attempts to contact the Eerith, unsuccessfully

Zelkor - Prince Ean Arracht welcomes the Vizinian aristocracy [Zelkor becomes a PS in 1409]