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    The Modern Age
(1281 to 1420)

Date (Qaiyorean)

Date (Elyrian)


1305 2725 The Asagmari arrive on the Razanian coast and quickly overrun a large expanse, displacing native Razanians, to form their new land of Aryisa
1350 2770 The Mir Sorcerers discover the existance of the Vraa'al on the Isle of Arelcar - descendants of the Dark Elf assassins used during the former Mir Empire.



Ships from Celpalar begin appearing in Midsea. Trade hesitantly resumes.



Strange mystical happenings are taking place in The Dreaming. The sorcerers of Mir are unable to control the forces and the gateway is opened from the inside once more. A wave of refugees leaves The Dreaming. Calling themselves the Saraa, they refuse to explain their appearance to the bewildered sorcerors, and quickly leave Mir to journey to the north-west and their new home in the shadowlands.



  • Aryisa: the Crusaders promote the formation of a Grand Council
  • The Bel'Adne: the Melcuranin of Tanat secretly investigate the mountains
  • Celpalar: the rebuilding of the port at Areneth begins
  • The Eerith: the Seekers find a new avenue of investigation
  • The Ka'Shari: The Night Light clan investigate northern Midsea
  • Taltheran: Saltrim becomes the site of a proposed new port
  • Videssia: the cult of Agatius Fossern is discovered to be a plot to overthrow the republic
1405 2825
  • Aixelsydan: Disasterous floods cause havoc in the coastal areas, killing thousands
  • Aryisa: The Crusaders strengthen their grip on the Grand Council
  • Celpalar: Areneth is rebuilt better than ever. The northwest expedition continues...
  • The Eerith: The Seekers infiltrate Myr Kun & the Defenders imprison Sorcerers.
  • The Ka'Shari: A temporary colony is made on Celtalath island
  • The Saraa: The Quorum sends knowledge-gaining missions to Myr-Kun and Mirabalpur
  • Taltheran: The Wizards investigate Wyr and a trade agreement is reached with Hadrair
  • Videssia: The Orasareni Defence Alliance is formed
  • Vraa'al: The High Lord summons an Eerith.....
1406 2826
  • Aixelsydan: The coastal settlements are slowly rebuilt.
  • Aryisa: A strong barricade is built to protect the northern border against Razanian raiders.
  • Cedonia: Imperial armies reconquer the western Imperial province and the counties of Selaria and Vizinia
  • Celpalar: An excavation of the ruins of the original University of Areneth begins
  • The Eerith: The Eerith attend the secret gathering in Mir by hiding in the bodies of official delegates.
  • The Ka'Shari: The Celtalath colony is made more permanent with the creation of an 'anthill' housing project by the harbour
  • Mir: The sorcerers hold a gathering in Mirabalpur
  • The Saraa: Haydn-Na is sent to the secret gathering in Mir
  • Taltheran: The expedition reaches Myr Kun while the Guild try to bolster foreign conceptions of Taltheran
  • The Tana: Dragontowers are beginning to appear in the border reaches...
  • Videssia: A great swathe of forestland is conquered, up to the Imbros River.
  • Vraa'al: The delegation sent to Damaris is attacked by warships as it nears the port city of Orasaren
1407 2827
  • Aixelsydan: A competition to find a new Admiral of the fleet is held
  • The Amo'trall: The Bear clan encounter the Onagir and begin dialogue
  • Aryisa: the Asagmari occupy southern Tesh & most of Cantor
  • Ban Horroth: The scouts successfully bring back information on the surrounding peoples
  • Celpalar: A visit to the city of Wyr, to the west of Taltheran, goes awry
  • Parglug: The fleet raids the west Videssian coastal settlements
  • The Saraa: The Sayyadin gathers his people and proposes a new age of discovery
  • Taltheran: the new port at Saltrim is completed
  • The Tana: The exercise to increase the size of the navy is well under way
  • Videssia: The fortification of the city of Videss is completed
  • Vraa'al: The fleet successfully raze the harbour of the Orasareni city of Damaris
  • Other: There are stirrings in the Calarnar desert. The Orasareni Defence Alliance meets in Videssia.
1408 2828
  • Aixelsydan: An embassy is established in Aryisa
  • The Amo'trall: The Willows create a zone of sanctuary south of Videssia to protect the forest
  • Aryisa: The Crusaders become the ruling power
  • Celpalar: The expedition to northwest Qaiyore finally ends
  • Hria: The Sangha plan an expedition to the northern isles
  • Parglug: Laslo fails to remove power from the clan leaders
  • The Razanians: The Century Council expands to cover all native-Razanian territories
  • The Saraa: establish ties with a number of societies
  • The Shanari: Hisinvol becomes Alb-Sanouki
  • Taltheran: Tirmarin refugees are allowed to settle in the Saltrim area
  • Tanimbar: Queen Helga helps the Vizinians settle in the Athelari lands of northern Tanimbar
  • Videssia: The building of a new Videssian navy continues
  • Other: Anaduan loses control of Anecir to Cormenaera
1409 2829
  • Aixelsydan: Naval build-up begins...
  • The Amo'trall: The White Tribe discover a new source of food
  • Aryisa: Duke Iyan strengthens his hold on the nation
  • Celpalar: An expedition sets out to the Avaerean Isles
  • Cormenaera: The free companies of the Cormenaeran countryside are exterminated
  • Hria: Sangha popularity grows as a successful scheme for improving roads and sanitation is initiated
  • Parglug: The shipbuilding exercise continues
  • The Saraa: Research into new technologies continues
  • The Shanari: The city of Sarnabar is captured from the Bel'Adne
  • Taltheran: Taltherani guards occupy northern and central Tirmar. The Tirmarin swear fealty to Agrigax.
  • The Tana: Southeastern Rhudyn comes under the sway of the Tana
  • Tanimbar: A professional Masari guard is created
  • Videssia: The harbour of Videss is devastated by a night-time attack, destroying all newly built vessels
  • Other: Cedonia incorporates southern Tirmar into The Empire
1410 2830
  • Aixelsydan: The Aixelsydan invade the Rhudyn colonies.
  • Amo'Trall: The Amo'Trall attack southern Videssia.
  • Aryisa: The Aryisans gain complete control of the conqered territory.
  • Parglug: They continue their ship building project.
  • The Shanari:The city of Lachel falls to them.
  • Taltheran:The develop more trade routes and learn more of the peoples to the Northwest.
  • The Tana:Gains control of the north bank of the Imbros River.
  • Videssia:The army is drive out of Parglug
1411 2831
  • Aixelsydan: They control half of the terriotry that Rhudyn controlled.
  • Amo'Trall: The Amo'Trall start a plague that spreads north towards Videssia.
  • Celpalar: Exspedtion ends in failure.
  • Cormenaera: Aid is sent to both Videssia and Rhydun.
  • Hria: The Hria begin to settle the Northern Isles.
  • Parglug: The army harasses the Videssian Army.
  • The Shanari:The Seeresses bring some of the people of Bel'Ande unto Sin-Alb.
  • Videssia:The Amo'trall are driven back by the Army.
1412 2832
  • Aixelsydan: The Aixelsyban creat the Earthen Veil.
  • Cormenaera: Begins to build a new navy
  • Hria: The settlement continues.
  • Milakanur:The army discovers a more effective way to fight Shanari.
  • Mir: A new Archmage and Council of Twelve are elected, and a they recive a prophesy from the Oracle.
  • The Shanari:The Sinari follow Annaeyana to Myr-Kun.
1413 2833
  • Aixelsydan: The Aixelsydan start creating channels in the straight.
  • Amo'Trall: The plague dies out among the Amo'Trall
  • East Torphan: The Ophier makes a treaty with Mir.
  • The Eerith: The Eerith sign a treaty with Mir.
  • Mir: The Sorcerers of Mir hold another Meeting of Nations in Mirabalpur and sign an treaty with the Eerith.
  • Parglug: The Navy blockades Videssia.
  • The Shanari:The City of Myr-Kun falls to the Sinari.
  • Taltheran: The King send his armies and destoyes the Kaeiren pirates.
1414 2834
  • Aixelsydan: The Aixelsyban start creating chanles in the straight.
  • Cedonia: Cedonains create cause in Zelkor.
  • East Torphan: The Ophier meets with Parglug and makes peace.
  • The Eerith: The remaning Onagir are found.
  • Milakanur:Their is a challeger to the new Per-Aa.
  • Mir: The Sorcerers attempt to release the Eerith failes but Mir reopens the old gateway to the dreaming.
  • Parglug: They contiune their blockade.
  • Razanians: The Razainans go on the offensive.
  • The Shanari:They destory the city of Myr-Kun and then wait for the Annaeyana to lead them.
  • Taltheran:They open new trade routes to the south.
  • Torphan:The first ever relations are created. he Armies begin to drive out the goblins.
1415 2835
  • Cedonia: Cedonia retakes the Impreial city of Zelkor.
  • East Torphan: King Villard sends an army to help Tanimbar fight the Cedonians.
  • The Eerith: The Refuges of Myr-Kun are lead to safty
  • Hria: Famine in the Northwest Islands colonies.
  • Milakanur:Sharifu is crowned Per-Aa.
  • Mir: The Sorcerers of Myr-Kun rejoin with Mir. The Sorcerers attack the Traitor but the results are unknown.
  • Razanians: The Razianan invaded Ayrisa.
  • The Shanari:Hisinvol is killed. The Seeresses looses one of their numbers to Mir.
  • Torphan:They contiune to drive out the Goblins, and they assasinat the Sinari leader.
1416 2836
  • Aryisa: The Aryisanc stop the Razianan advancment.
  • Celpalar:Signs a treaty with L'R
  • The Eerith: The Golden Mirror is recovered.
  • Hria: The Famine contiunes in the Northwest Island Colonies.
  • Laria'rathi:A treaty is signed with Celpalar.
  • Milakanur:The Per-Aa chooses bad advisors creating disfavor with his people.
  • Mir: The Sorcerers and the Eerith steal back the Golden Mirror.
  • Razanians: The Razianans destroy the Timber Viel.
  • Torphan:Another year driving out the Goblins.
1417 2837
  • Aixelsydan: A border incedent with the Ban Horroth.
  • Aryisa: The Regent Returns.
  • Celpalar:Starts to settle other Islands.
  • East Torphan:A daughter is born to King Villard.
  • The Eerith:The Eerith begin to help train Mirish Warmages.
  • Laria'rathi:Begin settling new colonies
  • Milakanur: Try to improve trade with Taltheran
  • Mir: The Sorcerers agree to join with the Cedonians against the Shanari. The Sorcerers finish their search of the Dreaming and bring the Fae to their side.
  • Morvali: The Wandering Shamans start to reconvert the people.
  • Razanians:Drives the Aryisan army across the Razan River.
  • The Shanari:The Sinari march south and destroy Sarunor.
  • Torphan:Another year driving out the Goblins, and Sorcerers are sent to join Mir against the Sinari.
1418 2838
  • Aryisa: The war contiunes.
  • Bel'Adne: The riots restart as the government tries to stop the new religon.
  • Cedonia:Cedonia joins with Mir against the Sinari Invasion.
  • Celpalar:Sent aid to Mir.
  • The Eerith:The Eerith withdraw from Mir to deal with internal problems.
  • Laria'rathi:Fortify new colonies
  • Mir: The Sorcerer prepare for war as the content declares war on the Sianri.
  • Morvali: The Wandering Shamans are stoped in there recoversion.
  • The Saraa: One of the great Scholars died natural. Leaving two prospective scholars in his place.
  • Razanians:The war contiunes.
  • The Shanari:The City of Wyr falls.
  • Torphan:The Golbins have been driven back to there homeland.
  • Vraa'al: The Old High Lord dies and a new High Lord replaces him
1419 2839
  • Cedonia:The joined army moves north and settles on the Taltherain Border.
  • East Torphan:Send aid to Pralug, Military to Mir and Tanimbar.
  • The Eerith:The year is spent with the Eerith deviding up into groups.
  • Laria'rathi:Finish the Colony project.
  • Mir: The Army is moved and the Mirish Military is improved.
  • Razanians:The Razanian Army controls most of Northern Aryisa.
  • The Shanari:The City of Hadrair.
  • The Tana: Try to stop the Plague and instead catch it.
  • Tanimbar: Prepare against Cedonia.
  • Vraa'al: Contiune to look for champions.
1420 2840
  • Ban Horroth:The begin several projects.
  • Cedonia:Battles the Sinari
  • Celpalar: Sends an Army around the back side of the Sinari.
  • East Torphan:Countiunes her projects.
  • The Eerith:The Eerith help Mir find the Scepter.
  • The Hansari: An earthquake hits the region destoying many of the villigaes of the Hansari.
  • Laria'rathi:Nightmares start on Stone Island.
  • Milakanur: They begin to improve the port at Elanbur.
  • Mir: The Scepter is found.
  • Parglug: Pitares begin to emerg off the coast.
  • Razanians:The tide is turned this year as Razanian army is pushed back.
  • The Shanari:Resive visions. They also attack the United Army.
  • The Therani:Prepare for war.
  • Torphan:Continue to Fortify the pass.
  • Vraa'al: Infiltrate Cedonia.