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The Planet
Midsea calendar

The Planet

The world of Celandra has one moon which orbits approximately every 30 days.

The planet takes 364 days to orbit the sun.

Midsea Calendar

The Midsea calendar evolved from the ancient Avaeran calendar. The year is divided into 4 seasons of 1 fest and 3 months. The middle day of each fest is an equinox or solstice, with three days before and three days after.

Dates are specified as Day, Month, Year. (example: 23 Rioth, 1034) For purposes of dates, fests are treated like a short 7-day month. (example: 4 Lithir, 1593)

In ancient Avaerea, the four Holy Days (the solstices and equinoxes) were usually set aside for religious observance, and were considered the four cornerstones or elements upon which the world is founded:

Winter Solstice: water
Spring Equinox: earth
Summer Solstice: fire
Autumnal Equinox: air

They were also thought to be particularly auspicious days for magery. The sorcerors of Mir still believe in the potency of these days.

Other important days are full moons and new moons. Since new moons always fall on the 9th, 11th, or 13th of the month, these numbers are generally considered ill-fated. It is thought to be auspicious to begin a new task on a full moon.

Months & Seasons

The names of the seasons, fests and months given below are those used in Mir. Most of the words are derived from ancient Avaeran, though some are distinctly Balpuri.

Winter (Ibra)
Ibrir (7 days) winter solstice is Ibrir 4
Ibroth (28 days)
Sholoth (28 days)
Rioth (28 days)

Spring (Nasa)
Nasir (7 days) vernal equinox is Nasir 4
Astroth (28 days) planting season
Thrimoth (28 days)
Veranoth (28 days)

Summer (Litha)
Lithir (7 days) summer solstice is Lithir 4
Hanoth (28 days)
Uedoth (28 days)
Shalioth (28 days) early harvest

Autumn (Caia)
Caiir (7 days) autumnal equinox is Caiir 4
Otiboth (28 days) late harvest
Boloth (28 days) fruit harvest
Kanoth(28 days)

Days of the Week

The names of the following weekdays are also Balpuri. None of these are Avaeran in origin.