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The Age of the Avaerans
(? to BE2720)

Date (Qaiyorean)

Date (Elyrian)




The Western Isles of Elyria stretch in a great arc from Dagorthoria in Elyria to northern Qaiyore. At approximately the midpoint of this arc, between 5 and 10 degrees north latitude due north of Qaiyore, is the great island Avaerand, more than a thousand miles in width; the cradle of Avaeran civilization. The island has rainforests in the south and savannah in the north. Ancient Avaerans spread through the western isles in small boats and even reach Qaiyore in this manner



In northern Qaiyore the Avaerans come into conflict with an ancient race in the northern jungles, and migrate southwards toward Midsea. During this slow migration, they forget their nautical lore and are separated into disparate groups, which evolve to form tribes



Avaeran tribes on the northern Midsea shore utilise new farming techniques which allows them to increase their yields



Avaeran culture develops settlements which form early towns



The Avaeran towns form small independent communities, evolving into early city states



The use of the sail in southern coastal Avaeran town of Ellinor aids the spread of ideas along the northern shore and up the Avaeran river valley

BE2866 BC1646 Contact between Avaerans and the Tal River denizens. Trade begins.



The Ellinoran warrior-king leads his people to conquer the whole Avaeran river valley, forming the Kingdom of Avaerea, uniting all Avaeran-speaking peoples in Qaiyore



Avaeran knowledge of farming and irrigation spreads from southern Avaerea throughout the northern and western shores of Midsea



Small non-Avaeran independent city states emerge on the western Midsea shore, including Thalcedon. Trade between the western shore and Avaerea is brisk



The city of Mirabalpur is founded on Mir.



Avaeran sailors discover the way out from Midsea to the Eastern Sea. On their voyages of discovery, they map the north-eastern Qaiyorean coastline, including the Razanian & Kelshir coasts, and reach the island of Celpalar, a land abundant in life, compared to the harsh land of northern Midsea

Tal becomes trading hub for Avaeran trade down the west coast of Midsea.



Cities are founded in western Midsea, the isle of Orasaren, the eastern shore and the Razanian coast.



Avaerans colonise Celpalar, finding it devoid of any people. A rich trade springs up between Avaerea and the Celpali colonies of Maelmor and Areneth.



Milakanuri nomads from the deserts north of Avaerea invade the northern cities. Thousands flee from horrific massacres. A vast flotilla of Avaeran ships, big and small, departs Ellinor just as the Milakanuri reach the city, heading for Celpalar. The Milakanuri seize Ellinor and end their conquest of Avaerea. The Avaeran flotilla never reaches the safety of Celpalar - thousands are thought to have died at sea. A few survivors are shipwrecked off Areneth and are rescued. Others are washed ashore on scattered islands in the ocean. The Milakanuri enslave the remaining Avaerans and set up the new nation of Milakanur, headed by the warrior-chief who led the conquest.



The Celpali colonies, fearing invasion and mourning the loss of their kindred, halt all contact with the Qaiyorean mainland. This remains so for thousands of years.

The Celpali develop contact with their kin among the western isles, who they find speak the same language and have a similar religion. This eventually results in a new dynamic civilisation, again centered on Avaerand.



The absence of the Avaerans leaves a vacuum in Midsea - the Avaerans ran the trade between cities and enabled the spread of information. Midsea enters a period of decline.