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The Age of Cedonia
(1 to 1280)

Date (Qaiyorean)

Date (Elyrian)




Taking advantage of the confusion, Cedonians invade neighbouring lands. King Bucerad of Cedonia declares himself emperor.

5 1225 Wizard's Guild is established in Taltheran to strictly limit practice of magic.

The remaining Dark Elves come to inhabit the small Island of Arelcar. They shut themselves off and seemingly fade away into insignificance.



Cedonia begins a march of conquest on the western shore.



Forest kingdoms emerge in the south Midsea area

24 1244 Asagmari fiefdoms appear in the foothills of the Tavar Mountains



The Cedonians control the whole of the western shore. The Emperor's attention turns to Orasaren. The city states succumb to Cedonian rule, one by one. The conquest of Orasaren is complete by 1294.



The northern shore comes under Cedonian control.

560 1780 The Cedonians come across the Isle of Arelcar, but are unable to occupy it due to being repelled by an unknown force. Rumours abound that the Island is haunted.



The Cedonians conquer the eastern shore.



The Cedonian Empire is at its' height. Mirroring the conquests of the sorcerers of Mir, the eastern border is the mountains to the east of Midsea, the south encompasses the old forest kingdoms of the southern shore; the western border is the Maripai Sea; the Calarnar desert halts advances to the north.

1280 2700 The Asagmari begin their exodus



The Cedonian Empire is ransacked by a new wave of attacks from the Ice Demons. The goblin hordes reach Thalcedon and destroy the emperor's palace. The sorcerers of Mir, fearing an attack, send the last remaining dragons (which they had been saving to defend their island from the Empire) to attack the Ice Demons. The goblins are unable to withstand the dragonfire and are beaten back. The dragons, however, inexplicably vanish just as the goblin invasion is again repelled. The Empire is in ruins. The vassal kingdoms rise against the emperor's forces, which are driven back to the original Cedonian state. The empire is no more.