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Society Determinants


Society name Parglug
Location Southern Midsea shore.
Languages Parga, a creole of old Parglug and Larasian (a Torphani dialect). Most parglug history is by song. Most of the Larasia history is written
Size Scope: Mediocre. 70,000 sq miles 70,000 population. 70% of the population of parglug is women.
Much of the kingdom was planted with trees 15 - 20 years ago.
Philosophical Orientation Primary:   Survival (acquisition)
Subsistence Wilderness - very Big
Wasteland% (how much of the inhabited land wasteland: 10%
Yield (depends on the quality of soil and climate): Poor
Urban% (how much of the people live in urban centers): Very big %


Ruling Agency Monachy/theocracy with clan representation at meetings and heavey sway by the church
Key elements king, holy, admeril, larasia nobles, clan leaders
Internal politics Laslo Fire Eyes:
Authority (numerical) mediocre
Influence (numerical) good
Consent (numerical) great

The Holy Kreg:
Authority (numerical) fair
Influence (numerical) good
Consent (numerical) fair

Admeril Krog:
Authority (numerical) good
Influence (numerical) mediocre
Consent (numerical) fair

Authority (numerical) fair
Influence (numerical) good
Consent (numerical) mediocre

The clan Leaders:
Authority (numerical) fair
Influence (numerical) mediocre
Consent (numerical) great

Larasian Nobles:
Authority (numerical) poor
Influence (numerical) great
Consent (numerical) mediocre

External politics Videssia: Poor
Fair on the whole.


Military organization All men are trained as warriors except those kept as neutered slaves. Even the larasian peasents are trained as warriors. Much of the kingdom far away from the ocean is under used but the border is fiercly defended.
Military values Standing: 20,000

Secondary: 6,000

Economic system Barter economy
Technological Base Metallurgic: weapons and high ship/wood wright skills but low agriculture, architechure, and stone working.
Economic values Craft  fair
   Crafting of metalurgy great
   crafting of wood working good
   crafting of ship design superb
   crafting of stone working mediocre
   crafting of architechure mediocre
   crafting of agriculture poor

Resources mediocre

Exploitation  good

Trade  great
   trade of ships superb
   trade of agriculture good

Wealth  good

             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Great     Superb     Mediocre  Good
Arts          Mediocre  Fair       Poor      Terrible
Scholastics   Mediocre  Mediocre   Fair      Fair
Magic	      Mediocre  Mediocre   Mediocre  Superb