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Society Description

About 35 years ago the parglugs were a widely scatter tribe of coastal raiders. They live in a scattering of coast inlets. There they would build ships and weapons. Then they would sail out to sea to raid their neighbors for food clothing and women. The parglugs were master sailors and wariors but that is about all they knew how to do. 

Then one day they raided Larasia one time too many. The High King Adnor of Larasia decided to get rid of these raiders once and for all. He called together his might fleet and set it out to exterminate the raiders. His first battles went well and the part of the tribe near him was almost exterminated. When Loslo Fire Eyes a young, charismatic, and powerful sea priest/captain gather together the tribal fleets and set off to rescue his belegered tribe sub clan. The fleets were evenly matched and only with the aid of their god Marmadal were they able to drive off the larasian fleet. The high king was furrious. He call up his levies and out fitted every ship he could lay his hands on and personally set sail to destroy the parglug fleet. But the magic of Laslo Fire Eyes was too much for the High King's fleet. It was reported that the fire of Marmdal actually sprang from Laslo's eye's to sink the high king's war ship and take the heart out of the Larasia fleet. The parglug won the battle but in the process lost virtually all of their battle fleet and almost all their wariors. The deaths were the worse in the young warriors.

Laslo realized that for his people to survive they needed a safe haven to build up their battle fleet and for the young to grow into warriors. So he took what was left of his battle fleet and landed in Larasia. Larasia was in even worse shape. With all the levies dead, there was no one left to defend the land. The war was brief but even more warriors were lost. Finally Laslo married the oldest daughter of the late high king, Areona, and declared himself Laslo Fire Eyes Admeral of Parglug, High King of Larasia, and High Priest of Marmdal. Early on Laslo realized that he didn't have enough warriors to continue raiding so he pick mixed crews of Larasia merchants and Parglug raiders to trade the riches of Larasia for the needs of the new kingdom of Parglug.

20 years latter (today) the Kingdom of Parglug is a strange mix of old and new. The last old warriors of Parglug are dying off and the new warriors are as much merchant as warrior. Many skills ship building and metal working have thrived in the new land. Skills like agriculture and architechure have wained. Many of the roads, farms, and fine building are falling into disrepair. Laslo Fire Eyes is getting old and he is preparing his nefew The Holy Kreg secound in the church to take over. His son Admeral Korg is a mighty warrior and comander of the Parglug fleet with ambissions of his own. His secound born Fredilac is the only child of Queen Areona. He has been raised by her to be a proper Larasian gental man. He is now chief administator for the land with large support from the old Larasians.