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Actions in Game Year 1413

Society Name: Parglug

Action 1 & 2 external, military

Type: Blockade the southern part of the southern sea especially Videssia and the videssian army

Actor: Adneril Krog
Weight: double
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Navy Superb (+1)
Secondary Determinant: ship superb
Modifiers: Double Action
+1 on ship for 5 years due to research ontop of an already superb navy and superb ship is there a change that leaders returning from the videssian conference could get caught? [possibly, depends on the result]


Result: +3 +1 +(0 0 +1 -1) +1= +5 Extraordinary Success

Suggestion: The blockade tightens and nothing gets in or out of Videssia by sea. The few reports from the area tell of the plague-ravaged, starving Videssians dying by the thousands, almost as in retribution for the destruction of the Onagir and the ravaging of the Amo'trall.


Action 3 & 4 stratigic military (1 of 6)

Type: Using the wisdom of the clan leaders and the recent blockade action and the new ships to create a better navy increase navy one rank

Actor: clan leaders
Weight: double
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: navy superb
Secondary Determinant: ships superb ++1
Modifiers: double action


Results So Far: +3 +1 +(-1 -1 0 -1) +1 + () + () + () + () +()

Suggestion: The project begins...