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Actions in Game Year 1408

Society Name: Parglug

Actions One and Two

internal, Strategic (1 of 5)
Type: internal/goverment strengthen the Authority of the King and lessen the authority of the clan leaders After the attemp to strengthen the parglug navy laslo realizes that the clan leaders are behind the times and should be religated to an advisory capacity only. Laslo asks the clan leaders to focus more on the small details of their own clans and let the King run the country.

Actor: Laslo Fire Eyes
Double Action
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Laslo consent (great)
Secondary Dets: - clan leaders consent is great
+Double Action
+Clan leader had a disasterous attemping to strengthen the navy.
Task: Very Hard (-2)

Result: +2 -2 +2 + (-1 0 0 -1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: The clan leaders do not desire to relinquish their power. They agree to reduce their interference but they want to remain a part of the decision-making body in Parglug, much to Laslo's chagrin.


 Action Three

external, Strategic (2 of 5)
Type: development/craft "many people of the world have different ways of making ship we should hire forgien ship wrights to increase our craft in ship making
Actor: admiral Krog
Single action
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: craft ships (superb)
Secondary Determinant: relations other lands fair

Result so far: +3 -3 +0 + (1 0 -1 1) + (0 0 +1 0) + ( ) + ( ) + ( )

Still improving.


Action Four

external, diplomatic)
Type diplomatic ask Vraa'al to join anti Orasareni Defence Alliancedefense pack. Parglug sees the Orasareni Defence Alliance as a build up of Videssia navy forces for it's stated purpose destroying kingdoms.
Actor: admiral Krog
Single action
Secrecy none
Prime Determinants relations with Vraa'al (fair)
Secondary Dets military force great
+ Videssia threaten to attack Vraa'al.
-Vraa'al response to the ODA missive suggests they do not want to be embroiled in further dealings on any sort with Videssia and the Free Cities and do not care what they think
Task: Very Hard (the Vraa'al are not particularly interested in being friends with anyone)

Result: 0 -2 + (0 -1 0 0) = -3 Superior failure.

Suggestion: the Vraa'al respond curtly, saying they welcome dialogue with Parplug but are not interested in any tit for tat activities against the ODA. [Dr. Graham is aiming to be back on-line sometime next week - he may have more to say on this matter at that time.]