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Actions in Game Year 1407

Society Name: Parplug

Actions One and Two

external, Tactical
Type: Develop/Trade "Create trade route with Celpalar "
Actor: Laslo Fire Eyes
Double Action
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: Trade (Great)
Secondary Dets: relations with other countries(fair)
+Double Action

Result: +2 -0 +1 +1 + (-1 -1 0 0) = +2 Complete success!

Suggestion: The Celpali welcome a friend in southern Midsea after the anti-non-Orasareni stance currently taking hold in the Free Cities and Videssia. The port of [you need a name] is ideal as a Celpali base for the south, and Parplug ships can visit Areneth with minimal red tape. Relations (in general) with Celpalar at +1 (Good). [Or suchlike - work out the details with The Pink Phantom.]

Action Three

external, Strategic (1 of 5)
Type: development/craft "many people of the world have different ways of making ship we should hire forgien ship wrights to increase our craft in ship making
Actor: admiral Krog
Single action
Secrecy: None
Prime Determinant: craft ships (superb)
Secondary Determinant: relations other lands fair
Task: Although there are different technologies in existence as far as shipbuilding is concerned in the Midsea area, Parplug actually has the greatest skill in the area already, therefore the difficulty for this is Epic (-4). Over 5 years, this can be reduced to Huge (-3). [FYI: In order to get a permanent determinant increase out of this the result has to be +5 or more, though a temporary increase is possible with a +1].

Result so far: +3 -3 +0 + (1 0 -1 1) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( )

Going OK so far...

Action Four

internal/external, strategic (1 of 5)
Type military
Actor clan leaders "Many of our young warriors are getting soft. we need to start limited raiding of Videssia" The idea with the raiding is to increase the rating of the fleet which I believe to be a strategic action.
Single action
Secrecy internal great
Prime Determinants military force (great)
Secondary Dets ship craft (suberb)
Task: Since you're concentrating on naval force, which the Parplug were historically adept at, I'd say this was very hard, so let's go for normal over five years. Again, remember to get permanent effects this has to be +5 or more as the result. Although you want to increase force, we're also talking training here, so scholastics sophistication is the primary determinant, with +1 mods for the other two. So,

Result so far = 0 -0 +1+1 + (-1 0 -1 -1) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( )

Not so good at the moment, but could improve... (The raids on western Videssian coastal settlements don't go too well, as the Orasareni Defence Alliance is beginning to work together....)