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Society Determinants


Society name Onagir
Location The forests of southern and eastern Midsea.
Languages Onagir dialects. The southern dialect is called Aona.
Scope: Mediocre- ~300,000 people 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   Survival
Subsistence Wilderness% 90 - most of their territory is uncultivated
Wasteland% 5 (Small)
Yield% 80 (Mediocre) - some cultivation of legumes and root vegetables
Urban% 0 - no large settlements


Ruling Agency
Key elements The Onagir are divided into a number of clans, each with an animal totem.
Internal politics
External politics Amo'trall: Fair
Tana: Fair
Videssia: Terrible - the Videssians periodically massacre the Onagir
Others TBD


Military organization -
Military values -
Economic system
Technological Base -
Economic values