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Society Determinants


Society name Myr-Kun
Location At the mouth of a river which empties into the Maripai Sea, northwest Qaiyore.
Languages Balpuri.
Scope: (Very)Tiny <5,000 people 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   Survival.
Secondary: Conquest.
Subsistence Wilderness% 0
Wasteland% 0
Yield% 120 (Good) - very fertile land in the surrounding area
Urban% 100 - It's a town.


Ruling Agency
The Grand Archmage.
Key elements -
Internal politics
External politics Fair with the local tribes (where they get most of their food and products).


Military organization None.
Military values The population:
Force- Poor
Size- (Very) Tiny
Economic system
Barter economy
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade: (Fair)        Fair
Craft:(Poor)         Poor
Resources:(Good )    Good
Exploitation:(Poor)  Poor
Wealth:(Poor)        Poor
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Fair      Fair       Poor      Poor 
Arts          Superb    Fair       Fair      Good
Scholastics   Superb    Superb     Great     Superb
  Essence     Superb    Superb     Great     Superb
  Authority   Good      Fair       Great     Great