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Society Determinants


Society name Morvali
Location The plains between Taltheran and the Calarnar desert
Languages Morvali dialects
Scope: Small- ~150,000 people 
Philosophical Orientation
Primary:   Survival
Secondary: Development (expanding agriculture and urbanization)
Subsistence Wilderness% 90 - most of their territory is uncultivated
Wasteland% 5 (Small)
Yield% 80 (Mediocre) - a few farms on the outskirts of the port city of Corryn, the only permanent settlement
Urban% 2  - Corryn, the only city, on the northwest Midsea shore


Ruling Agency
High Council of Corryn
Key elements Wandering Shamans, Clan Matriarchs, Society of the Zakilapata
Internal politics
High Council of Corryn
Authority: -1
Influence: +2
Consent: +1

Wandering Shamans:
Authority: -1
Influence: +1 (especially in religious matters)
Consent: +2 (highly regarded by most Morvali)

Clan Matriarchs:
Authority: +2
Influence: -1 (no influence outside of individual clan)
Consent: +1

Society of the Zakilapata (male warriors)
Authority: -2 (no official political power)
Influence: +3 (threat of interclan raids)
Consent: +1
External politics -


Military organization Women maintain the defenses of the Morvali as a whole and are organized from Corryn by the High Council. Male warriors defend the individual clans and serve as raiding parties between clans, playing a key role in the interclan politics that determine political leadership in the High Council.
Military values

Size: +1
Force: +1

Economic system
Barter; the High Council issues currency, but is only used in the city of Corryn
Technological Base Early metallurgical
Economic values
Crafts: +2 (especially hides, pottery, and magical talismans)
Resources: 0
Exploitation: -1 (the people haven't taken advantage of a lot of the resources available)
Trade: 0 (the Morvali are still trying to achieve trade relations with their neighbors)
Wealth: +1
                   Tolerance   Prevalence  Diversity   Sophistication
Religion      Great         Good          Miserable   Good
Arts            Good        Fair              Good          Fair
Scholastics  Good        Good           Fair            Fair
Magic          Great        Poor            Fair            Good