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Actions in Game Year 1417

Society Name: Morvali

Action 1-2: Reconvert the Morvali People to the Old Ways (1 of 3 years)

The Seeresses of the Shanari have been killed, paving the way for the shamans of the old religion to re-assert heir influence on the lives and politics of the Morvali people. The shamans still sit in the High Council of Corryn, and the ruling-matriarchs have remained true to the goddess Jaikosa, but much of the Morvali population worships the Shanari god Sin-Alb, threatening the hegemony of the Wandering Shamans. The Wandering Shamans have decided to undertake a massive re-conversion attempt by syncretizing the Shanari and Morvali faiths. The Wandering Shamans have declared Sin-Alb, to be the son-consort of Jaikosa, and will direct his worship.
Primary Determinant: Influence of Wandering Shamans (+1)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Double
Actors: Wandering Shamans
Secrecy: none
+2 The Seeresses have been killed
Not all were killed The fact that they are still there would be a negative.
+1 The ruling-matriarchs have remained true to the old ways
+1 Syncretism as opposed to full-on conversion
-1 Some clans see Sin-Alb worship as a way to undermine authority of High-Council

Results so far +1 -1 +2 -2 ( -1 0 0 +1) +1 +() +()

Suggestion: They people so far are still willing to lisen to the Shamans.

Their is news from the north. The floating city has moved. It is heading towards Sarunor. The Sinari, know lead by the Seeress Kala are following after it. There also rumors that they are ready for blood after the death of Hisnivol and the Seeresses that were killed.

Action 3: Agricultural Expansion

The High Council has decided that in order to increase development in the region of the city of Corryn, new lands will be converted to agriculture. Workers will be conscripted from neighboring clans.
Primary Determinant: Influence of High Council (+2)
Difficulty: Normal
Weight: Single
Actors: High Council
Secrecy: none
+1 agricultural success on current farmlands
-1 resistance to conscription by peasants

Results: +2 0 +1 -1 (-1 0 0 -1 ) = 0 Mixed results

Suggestion: The land is tilled but that is about as far as it goes after that most the peasents returne home and let the most of the harvest go to waste.

Action 4: Political Reform

The Clan Matriarchs have demanded a seat for all their members on the High Council. This would reduce-infighting and prevent future rebellions, but would threaten the power of the ruling-matriarchs and Wandering Shamans.
Primary Determinant: Authority of Clan Matriarchs (+2)
Difficulty: Vary Hard (-2), resistance to change by ruling-clans and Wandering Shamans
Weight: Single
Actors: Clan Matriarchs
Secrecy: none
+2 the threat of military attack by the male-warrior bands
-1 the resistance of current leaders

Results +2 -2 +2 -1 (-1 0 0 -1) = -1 Faliure

Suggestion: The Matriarchs do not get on the High Council. Many of them go home and do nothing about it.