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Actions in the Game Year 1418

Society Name: Morvali

Action 1-2: Reconvert the Morvali People to the Old Ways (2 of 3 years)

Many of the Seeresses of the Shanari have been killed, paving the way for the shamans of the old religion to re-assert their influence on the lives and politics of the Morvali people. The shamans still sit in the High Council of Corryn, and the ruling-matriarchs have remained true to the goddess Jaikosa, but much of the Morvali population worships the Shanari god Sin-Alb, threatening the hegemony of the Wandering Shamans. The Wandering Shamans have decided to undertake a massive re-conversion attempt by syncretizing the Shanari and Morvali faiths. The Wandering Shamans have declared Sin-Alb, to be the son-consort of Jaikosa, and will direct his worship.
Primary Determinant: Influence of Wandering Shamans (+1)
Difficulty: Hard (-1)
Weight: Double
Actors: Wandering Shamans
Secrecy: none
+1 Double action
+1 The ruling-matriarchs have remained true to the old ways
+1 Syncretism as opposed to full-on conversion
-1 Some clans see Sin-Alb worship as a way to undermine authority of High-Council
-1 Many of the followes of Sin-Alb have joined the army.

Results so far +1 -1 +2 -2 ( -1 0 0 +1) +1 -1 (+1 -1 0 -1) +1 +()

Suggestion: No progress as much of the coverts to Sin-Alb have joined the Sianri invasion.

Action 3+4: Five Year Agricultural Plan (1 of 5)

The High Council has decided that in order to increase development in the region of the city of Corryn, new lands will be converted to agriculture. As the rudimentary attempt last year was largely a failure, the High Council has decided to make a more concerted effort to improve the production of the lands north of Corryn. Workers will once again be conscripted from the neighboring clans, but workers loyal to the ruling matriarchs will also be brought in to advance the cause. In addition, fertility magicians from the Wandering Shamans will also help.
Primary Determinant: Influence of High Council (+2)
Secondary Determinant: Magic Sophistication (+1)
Difficulty: Normal
Weight: Double
Actors: High Council and Wandering Shamans
Secrecy: none
+1 agricultural success on current farmlands
+1 aid of magicians
+1 double action
+1 increased effort after last year's failure
-2 resistance to conscription by peasants

Results so far +2 0 +2 -2 (+1 -1 +1 0) +1 + () + ()

Suggestion: This year it gets off to a good start.