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History of Mir

The Shadow Age. ? - 2752 BE

? Mirish tribes begin to form on the Isle of Celamyr.
? Mirish Shammen begin to develop their magic.
2848 BE The Avaerians make contact with the tribes along the northern shore of Mir.
2820 BE Farming ideas are brought to the isle of Celamyr from the Avearans. The Kingdom of Mir is formed on the northern half of the island by the House of Celamyrsa it capital is Puramyr, and in the southern half the Confederation of the Twelve Mirish States is formed.
2813 BE King Toshasa I gathers together the Shamans and orders that they form the Brotherhood of Sorcery. The first Archmage is crowned.
2792 - 2752 BE The Great War of Mir. The North and the South fight each other. Each sides clamming to be superior. The North with its more advanced technoligy and it better farming is able to slowlly conqerer each city-state.

The Kingdom Age 2752 - 921 BE

2752 BE King Dioya I conqers the Confederate capital of Tosapur. The Treaty of Mir is signed. It units the Kingdom of Mir and the Confederation. The capital is moved to the city of Mirabalpur. The Brotherhood gathers together all of the Shammen of the Confederacy and creates the Council of Twelve. A member from each city-state, and also the Archmage of the North. Also at this time Miracradsa gives the Crown of Mir to the King and Scepter to the Archmage.
2720 BE The Kingdom of Avearan falls to the Milkanuri tribes. The northern half is shocked but turns its attention to the South were it brings it technoligies and farming.
2720 - 2320 BE Mir with draws into itselfs and rebuilds after the shock of the fall of Avearans. It stays quiet and isloated. The mages in this peacful islaotion make leaps and bonds in their study of magic.
2320 BE The First Mirish ships are built.
2318 BE Mir restablishes contact with the west coast. They being to trade heavly with the west coast.
1808 BE The Sorcerers begin to creat a network of spies in each of the Nations. They also study the Shamans and their magic of other nations. Little threat is possed from these Shaman as the Brotherhood is the only large order of Mages.
1575 BE The Brotherhood is no longer a Mirish brotherhood but an internationaly one as Mir opens its doors to other mages. The Mirish begin to lose their rasical prejedec. This is the begining of diversiging of Mir.
1220 BE Mirish ships are seen all over Midsea as they are the leading trade nation.
990 - 944 BE The 1st Golden Age of Mir. King Loraces XXI called the August rules in Mir. With the exception of the cities of Orasaren. Midsea, is at peace. Most of the Mages of Qaioyre are members of the Brotherhood of Sorcery. The docks of Mir held much of the contents trade. Loraces is loved by both his people and other peoples.
944 BE King Loraces (XXI) The August, dies of old age plunging Mir, and few of other societies into morning and many in Mir and outside are unhappy when his eldest son King Loraces (XXII) The Monster takes the throne of wealthy Mir. Tention between the Brotherhood of Sorcery and the crown form.
941 BE King Loraces The Monster in a strike against the Sorcerers arrest the Archmage and exects him. He also arrest his brother Dioya I who is also a Sorcerer. Loraces declares High Magic illegal and demands that his brother give it up or die. His brother chooses to die. Before the exacution could take places thought the populaces and five noble houses capture the king and execut him. They set his brother free and delcare him Archmage and King of Mir.

The Age of Sorcery 921 - 721 BE

921 BE The Crown of Mir disapers as does Yorain. Save for Dioya I, she was the last member of the House of Celamyrsa. They are believed to have disapered together. After a while many believe her to be dead and they beleive the royal family to be dead with her. The mages beleive that she lived and reproduced but they could not find her, her chilldren, or the Crown. With Yorain diaperence though Dioya I declared the Archmages protector of the Isles of Celamyr, and its people.
792 BE Archmage Dioya I dies. He does not chooses the next Archmage. The Council of Twelve chooses Archmage Hondasy. Createing a tradition of the Council choosing the Archmage.
731 BE Archmage Hondasy summoned all the magical might of Mir and bore a hole to the Dreaming and set it in a gateway that would hold it open. Then one night soon after the gateway was opened the dragons emerged from the gateway. Archmage Hondasy grabed control of the Patrarch of the tribe of dragons and they began to displine the dragons. Also he begins to train his Sorcerers to become Warmages.
730 BE First recorded evidence of a Mirrish coterie used in battle.

The Age of Imperial Mir 721 - 1 BE

721 BE Archmage Hondasy orders his new dragon armies, his Warmages and his navy to invaded the the Isle of Orasaren. He is able to take the Isles before the year is out. Then the Western Kingdoms unit to attack the Mirish capital. They never even reach the harbor as their ships are burned to ciders by the Mages of Mir and its navy.
721- 521 BE The Mirish armies march across the content conqering country after country by 521 BE everything south of the Calarnar Desert and north of Tavar Mountians belonged to Imperial Mir. Mir then turned its armies north towards the Calarnar Desert.
521 BE The Battle of the Jungle between explores of Mir and Avearand in the area called Rainrin. Contention rises between Mir and Rian a'Avaerand.
521 - 427 BE An unofficail war is declared between Mir and Rian a'Avaerand. Much of the fighting takes place in Rainrin, and the area now calle the Shadow lands. Then in 428 Ardalor IX takes up the Golden Sword against the Mirsh Empire. The Archmage Dioya II sent a secret army by ship to invaded Rian a'Avaerand. The next year war was declared by Ardalor against Mir. Mirish ships began their invasion and then the Islands disapered. Only a forth of the army returned. They reproted that they were wining but then the Island disapered.
426 BE The Floating city of Annaeyana apears above Mir. Also the Eerith appear. Mir manges to gain control of both the city and the Eerith.
Historical note: first recorded use of the term "Eerith" to describe these creatures does not occur until 71 BE. Earlier texts use terms such as "ghosts", "lights", "angels", and "demons".
426 - 72 BE Mir begins a process of studing the culter of its subjects. It learns about their magic and begins to incorperat it in. They also help build up the cities. They begin to build roads, schools, hospitals, and try to improve the life style of its empire. The 2nd Golden Age of Mir rises.
421 BE Mir makes a pack with the Draconian. Together they invaded the Razanian Coast.
400 BE The Archmage Sharion I makes a compact with some Dark Elves. They leave the Dreaming and join Mir's spies and assasians.
385 - 348 BE Mir fights off the goblin invasion from the south. They are finally able to drive the goblins back.
237 BE The Archmage Sharion II gathers together the force of Mir, and send them to invaded Celpalar. They destory the shield with some trouble, and when they invaded the island they encounter magic similar to that of Rian a'Avearand. In an act of fear they gathered together all of the libararies of magic and shiped them back to Mir, and also they imprisoned the most knowldgeable of the Celpalar mages. For the first time, Mir adopted an offical policy of reducing a society's knowledge instead of increasing it.
90 BE The Archmage Agatius was discovered to have betrayed Mir for the Orasaren cities. He is tried and exiled to the southern part of District of Videssia. Lorgrenes becomes Archmage (replacing the exiled Agatius)
72 BE Mir was besigdeing the city of Bega. Something happens in the city of Annaeyana, and the Archmage is killed. Annaeyana is placed under a spell. The Eerith are imprisioned. And the Scepter of Mir disapers. The siege was abanded and the throne of the Archmage is left vacant as the council declares itself ruler of Mir. Myr-Kun is settled by the mages of Annaeyana. Records indicate the settlers of Myr-Kun carried a "golden mirror" from the city of Annaeyana. No clear explination of this relic is present and no further references to the item are made.
65 BE The first masive rebellion is raised against Mir. Its is but down by the dragon. Millions die.
Historical note: These rebellions are considered by most historical scholars to be the outgrowth of a racial and politcal tension which had been building since the fall of Annaeyana. Covert resistances are recorded against the "establishment of Mir" as early as 71 BE. The Videssian Attrocities may have begun as early as 69BE and were certianly a contributing factor to the impetus of the rebellion.
13 BE The Gateway to the Dreaming closes. The dragons start dieing of mystious desieses. The Dark Elves leave. The Council fights with its self. The throne of the Archmage has been empty for fifty years. Imperial Mir falls into Cival War.
1 BE Many of the Provinces rebell and Mir no longer cares to keep its Empire. Imperial Mirs days are over.

Age of Isolation 1 -1280

1 Archmage Netra I takes the throne by forces.
Historical note: It is widely believed that the last surviving member of the Mirrish coteries died during this conflict. Histroy does not indicate which side (possibly both) employed these living weapons.
1- 250 Archmage Netra I rules Mir with an iron fist. He with draws Mir help from the content. He abandens the few areas that still swear loyalty to the Empire. But before he withdraw he helps create the Torphan Empire as a political counter balance to the Cedonian Empire. He become the first Dictator Archmage
250 Archmage Netra I dies. He declares the next Archmage. He also creates an offical law of succion. Netra II apionts a new Council of Twelve. He still rules with near absolute authority.
1280 The Goblins invaded. Archmage Netra III sends the dragons to stop the goblins. But Mirsh help is to late to help Cedonia. The Empire falls before the might fo the rebellion.
Historical note: Last recorded mention of living dragons. It is commonly assumed that the few surviving dragons died during this conflict.

The Modern Age 1280 - Present Day

1350 The Sorcerers disocver the desndent of the Dark Elves.
1394 The gateway brief opens and out comes an new wave of people. They were their long anough to look throught the library before they left.
1406 Call a meeting of Magic Users. And begin prepareing to defeat Alatta.
1411 Archmage Netra III is murder by Tarfn.
1412 Archmage Eubroatosa is rased to the throne.
1413 The Sorcerers call together a Meeting of Nations. They also sign a treaty with the Eearith, and it is discovered that Archmage Eubratosa is member of the family of Celamyrsa. He has also resotred the Crown of Mir.
1414 Mir reopens the gateway, and it stays open.
1415 Myr-Kun mages return to Mir and rejoin it. Mir elliminates all foriegn spies in it borders.
1417 Mir and Cedonia sign a treaty against Sinari agression.
1420 The war agaist the Sinari begins. Mir regains the Scepter of the Eerith.
1421 Mir frees the Eerith from their prision.
1422 The original Scepter of Mir is recovered from Aryisa.
1424 The Sinari are defeated at the Battle of Talishara.