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Actions in the Game Year 1420

Society Name: Milakanuri

Action I,II: Assist the Cedonians and the Taltheri
The envoy bowed to the enthroned Per-Aa. "The Shanari continue their sweep down the West, Exalted One. It is said that there are more Shanari warriors than grains of sand in the desert." The room of desert dwellers stifle a laugh, as it is clear the Per-Aa does not find anything amusing. "Of course, those who say this are not of the desert."
"The Cedonians prepare themselves to meet the charge."
The Per-Aa leaned forward. "Then our foes annihilate themselves... the Cedonian dreams of conquest will die. We can ignore this battle, yes?"
Rubbing his shaven head nervously, the envoy disagrees. "I fear that the Shanari choose to move into Taltheran - the battle ground will be there."
The Per-Aa frowns. "I have worked too hard to lose our friends the Taltherans. We must step in, though it pains me to do so this soon. Labon, send some more... observers to our Taltheran mission. Be sure that they are well versed in the new tactics. At least the Cedonians may owe us a debt of honor once this is done..." The old Master Scourge nodded in assent.


The context is that way back in the past, as a 1412 event:

"Milakanur: +
The army discovers a more effective way to fight Shanari. +1 to Force for next battle with Shanari only."

The Milakanuri have not yet fought the Shanari, so that's still a floating modifier. I'd like to try to apply it to the _Cedonian_ battle, by sharing with the Taltherans and Cedonians the Milakanuri tactical "trick" of more effective combat against the Shanari.
Tactical Action, External
Difficulty: Hard -1
Determinant: Milakanuri Force (Good) (+2)
Modifiers: - The Cedonians and Milakanuri don't get along
+ The Taltherans and Milakanuri _do_ get along
+ The Cedonians are getting desperate
+1 Double action

-1 +2 -1 +1 (+1 0 -1 -1 ) +1 = +1
The western Defence listen and gains the bonus for this year alone.

Action III,IV: Rebuild Elanbur (increase Trade determinant)
Strategic Action, Year 1 of 5
The port city of Elanbur was sacked in the Milakanuri civil war and has yet to be rebuilt, and the harbor dredged. The current Per-Aa decrees that this be done, with special attention to the defenses of the city. With a rebuilt Elanbur, Milakanur may become more of a trading hub, particularly with the ill effects that have befallen other trading ports.
Difficulty: Huge (-3), becomes Hard (-1) in 5 years. (I think, based on my reading of, please feel free to disagree and change that.) (No its the o longer the action take the easyer it is. so this would be Hard -1)
Primary Determinant: Either Consent of the Per-Aa (-2 this year and next, -1 after that) or the Trade determinant of Milakanur (0). I'd suggest splitting the difference and settling in at -1.
Modifiers: + Need for a trading port, pirates are still broken
- War breeds uncertainty
+ War breeds transport of goods, troops, and information
+ Double action for 5 years (+1, +5, or something else?)

-1 -2 +2 -1 (0 -1 0 0) +1 + () + () + () + ()